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16 Jun

New H12-721_V3.0-ENU Exam Questions Released For HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0 Exam Preparation

To all, the current version of Huawei HCIP-Security certification is V3.0. Candidates are required to pass three exams to complete the HCIP-Security V3.0 certification:

  • H12-721_V3.0-ENU HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0
  • H12-722_V3.0-ENU HCIP-Security-CSSN V3.0
  • H12-723_V3.0-ENU HCIP-Security-CTSS V3.0

New H12-721_V3.0-ENU exam questions have been released with 342 practice questions and answers to ensure that you can pass the HCIP-Security-CISN V3.0 certification exam on the first attempt. Here we have H12-721_V3.0-ENU free test online to help you read the Huawei H12-721_V3.0-ENU free demo questions first. We have shared 25 free H12-721_V3.0 demo questions online with all of you. Please test online, or if have any questions, just contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. Which of the following is not a parameter of intelligent routing link quality detection?

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2. Session persistence refers to a mechanism on the load balancer that can identify the relevance of the interaction process between the client and the server. When creating a four-layer protocol listener, which of the following algorithms is selected for the allocation policy type, and the session retention time can be configured?

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3. Huawei UMA unified operation and maintenance audit product can effectively reduce the internal operation and maintenance risks of network equipment, servers, databases, business systems and other resources by centrally managing, monitoring and auditing the operation behavior of all operation and maintenance personnel in the enterprise.
Which of the following descriptions about Huawei UMA products is wrong?

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4. Which of the following is not an action type of policy routing?

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5. By default, what is the interval for sending VGMP Hello packets?

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6. The firewall provides a wealth of health check mechanisms, which can improve the quality of links and services, and improve the user experience.
Which of the following options can a health check probe for?

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7. Which of the following supports multiple hotlink identification algorithms and can effectively solve information theft such as single-source hotlinking, distributed hotlinking, and malicious website data theft, so as to ensure that website resources can only be obtained through this site access?

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8. Which of the following descriptions about HWTACACS protocol and RADIUS protocol is wrong?

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9. How many messages need to be exchanged in the savage mode of IPSec VPN to complete the establishment of IKE SA?

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10. Regarding the characteristics of the firewall's dual-system hot-standby synchronization data, which of the following options is incorrect?

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11. Regarding the characteristics of digital certificates, which of the following descriptions is false?

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12. Which of the following descriptions about the USG firewall bandwidth policy is wrong?

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13. Which of the following BFD states indicates that it has been able to communicate with the peer system, and the local end wants the session to enter the Up state?

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14. Which of the following descriptions about the output information of the USG firewall diversion table is wrong?
<FW> display firewall import-flow public
Import Flow Tables:
Source Instance Destination Address Destination Instance
public vsysa Total: 1

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15. Regarding L2TP over IPSec VPN, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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16. One FW device can create multiple virtual gateways, and each virtual gateway has an independent administrator.

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17. SSL VPN is basically not restricted by the access location, and can access network resources from many Internet access devices and any remote location.

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18. The USG firewall bandwidth policy can match both traffic from source-zone to destination-zone and traffic from destination-zone to source-zone

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19. The LAN address spaces under different virtual systems of the same firewall cannot overlap.

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20. There are three L2TP authentication methods: proxy authentication, mandatory CHAP authentication and LCP renegotiation. Among them, LCP renegotiation has the lowest priority, and proxy authentication has the highest priority.

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21. BFD supports asynchronous detection mode and synchronous detection mode.

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22. The overload protection threshold can be configured for the intelligent route selection interface, which may cause the user's Internet traffic to select the interface link before the interface link is overloaded, and the newly established session traffic (such as opening a new web page) is because the original interface link is overloaded. However, it is forwarded from other interfaces by the firewall, so that the logged-in website needs to log in again after being refreshed.

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23. The following output information indicates that the packet type of the health check is TCP.
[FW1] display slb group Group
Group Information (Total 1)
Group Name: slb
Group ID: 0
Metric: weight-roundrobin
Health Check Type: TCP
Virtual Server ID:0
Virtual Server VIP List:
Real Server Number: 1
RserverlD IP Address weight Status 32 status inactive

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24. When GRE over IPSec is used to connect between gateways, the IPSec encapsulation mode can only be tunnel mode.

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25. When configuring the time for the IP-Link group to send detection packets, the smaller the interval value is, the more the burden on the device CPU can be reduced, and the sensitivity of link detection is improved.

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09 May

[May 2018] New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN Free Online Test

Good News: New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN exam questions have been updated on May.9, 2018. With latest H12-721-ENU exam questions and answers, you can completed your H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network exam.

HCDATEST has released New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN Free Online Test to help you test H12-721-ENU exam online. There are 25 free online test questions for testing New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN exam. Answer one free online question correctly will get 4 score. The total is 100 score. Before deciding to hold full version of New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN exam questions, please test HCDATESTNew H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN Free Online Test now.

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Please go to [May 2018] New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN Free Online Test to view this quiz


02 May

New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions | HCNDATEST

Passing Huawei Certification H12-721 exam can help you get Huawei HCNP-Security Certification. New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions are available, which help you prepare for HCNP-Security H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN(Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network) exam.

Have shared that HCNP-Security-CISN H12-721-ENU exam is related to HCNP-Security Certification, here HCDATEST also would like to collect HCNP-Security certification in details for you:

HCNP-Security Certification Exams

HCNP-Security certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage the security of medium and big-sized networks. If you want to get HCNP-Security certification, you need to pass the following three exams:

Exam Code Exam Name
H12-721 HCNP-Security-CISN
(Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network)
H12-722 HCNP-Security-CSSN
(Huawei Certified Network Professional -Constructing Service Security Network)
H12-723 HCNP-Security-CTSS
(Huawei Certified Network Professional -Constructing Terminal Security System)

H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN V3.0 Exam

The first exam for HCNP-Security certification should be H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN V3.0 exam:

Exam Code Exam Fee Duration Passing Score/Total Score HCDATEST Test Link
H12-721 160USD 90 min 600/1000 H12-721 Fee Online Test

New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions | HCNDATEST

HCDATEST has shared H12-721-ENU Free Online Test with all of you. At HCDATEST, you can check the demo questions first before choosing New H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions. It must be clear that HCDATEST H12-721-ENU exam questions and answers are real for passing H12-721-ENU exam smoothly.

Related HCNP-Security Certification Exam:

New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions | HCNDATEST

New H12-723-ENU HCNP-Security Exam Questions | HCNDATEST


13 May

Online Test: H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN

Huawei HCNP-Security Certification H12-721 HCNP-Security-CISN(Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network) were newly released on May.13, 2017. With real H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN test questions, you will pass Huawei certification H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN(Huawei Certified Network Professional – Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network) exam to get Huawei HCNP-Security Certification.

We will provide 10 questions for this HCNP-Security-CISN H12-721-ENU Certification exam. You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 220 questions. And all your real questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps. If you want to purchase the full version 220 questions please go to our Shop page or click “I want to buy full version“. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions. 100% pass guaranteed!

Start to test:

Please go to Online Test: H12-721-ENU HCNP-Security-CISN to view this quiz

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