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15 Aug

New HCIA-Big Data H13-711-ENU Test Questions

Are you still looking for the latest online materials to prepare for H13-711-ENU HCIA-Big Data exam? We newly released HCIA-Big Data H13-711-ENU Test Questions on August 15, 2019, which contains 263 practice exam questions for clearing your Huawei HCIA-Big Data H13-711-ENU exam.

HCDAtest is here to provide you with H13-711-ENU free demo questions for checking. There are 20 free practice questions. We sent scores for each question. Answering one question correctly can gain 5 scores. The total score is 100. Any other questions, please contact [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. What processes are included in the HBase service of Fusionlnsight HD? (Multiple choice)


2. Which of the following description about the reliability of the Fusionlnsight HD system is correct? (Multiple Choice)


3. SparkStreaming has higher real-time performance than Storm.


4. In the Kafka cluster, what is the role of the Kafka server?


5. Regarding the comparison between Hive and traditional data warehouse, which of the following description is wrong?


6. Which of the following description of ZooKeeper feature is wrong?


7. Which of the following is the incorrect statement about the description of normal and external tables in Hive?


8. All nodes of ZooKeeper can process read requests.


9. In the Fusionlnsight HD platform, which components support table and column encryption? (Multiple Choice)


10. The description of HBase Region Split splitting process, which is wrong?


11. The checkpoint mechanism in Flink continuously draws a snapshot of the stream application. The state snapshot of the stream application can only be saved in the HDFS file system.


12. In the Flink technical architecture, () is the computational engine for stream processing and batch processing.


13. Which of the following does not belong to the characteristics of the MapReduce component in Hadoop?


14. Which of the following application scenarios generate data based on unstructured data? (Multiple Choice)


15. Which of the following is the wrong description about Flink barrier?


16. In the HDFS system, the data block is stored in multiple copies. When the data block on a node is lost, a copy of the data needs to be manually copied to the node.


17. Which of the following statement about the BloomFilter feature of HBase is incorrect?


18. After the Loader job is submitted to YARN in Fusionlnsight HD, the job cannot be stopped manually.


19. When using HBase for data read service in Fusionlnsight HD, you need to connect to HMaster.


20. Which of the following is the wrong statement about ZooKeeper?


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