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15 Oct

New H35-910-ENU HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation Free Questions

Try new H35-910-ENU exam questions for HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation certification exam now. Real H35-910-ENU exam requires you answer 60 multiple-choice questions (singleanswer and multipleanswer) and  true-false questions in 90 minutes. You should get 800 score while the total score is 1000. HCDAtest released new H35-910-ENU HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation exam questions on Oct. 15, 2018, which will ensure your success in HCS-wireless Hardware Installation(Huawei Certified Specialist – Wireless Hardware Installation) exam. 

You can check New H35-910-ENU HCS-Wireless Hardware Installation Free Questions to test the quality of HCDAtest H35-910-ENU exam questions.

Begin to Test:

1. Which of the following role will make BOQ according to the site plan?


2. The site environmental risk assessment needs to be carried out on the day of the upper station.


3. What is to prevent by the outer cabinet wearing-tube protection of the optical fiber? (Multiple Choice)


4. What are the safety requirements for the operation on the tower? (Multiple Choice)


5. Which of the following businesses are uninvolve hard-mounted work?


6. When hoisting manually, which one should be limited to the personal capacity of the hoisting personnel?


7. What are the reasons for the behavior of EHS accidents and EHS incidents? (Multiple Choice)


8. What is the correct one for the operation of live equipment and circuits?


9. Which of the following will be included in SOP? (Multiple Choice)


10. UMPT cannot insert to the No.6 slot position of BBU.


11. What is the correct way to find a snake in the site?


12. When installing the screws, the correct order is the point: the flat washer, the spring washer and then install nut to tighten.


13. To the seat belt of the vehicle, what are the correct statements? (Multiple Choice)


14. To upgrade, you must perform a “physical examination” on the operation of the existing network before cutting. If a problem is found in the “physical examination”, the supervisor can directly “fix” the problem.


15. What is the correct one about the speed?


16. Allow employees to back up work data through the network disk resources of the public network (Huawei network disk, kupan, sykdrive, etc.) to avoid computer damage to work data loss.


17. The engineering supervisor told the A operator construction director who has well personal relationship that “the progress of the construction of B operator in the same city”, which of the following is the nature of this mistake?


18. Which module/board does the BBU not contain?


19. Which of the following protection measures is wrong?

20. Which of the following should be noted when indoor climbing? (Multiple Choice)


21. Which of the following should be noted when cargo handling? (Multiple Choice)


22. What is the correct posture of the head needing to keep when carrying heavy loads by hand?


23. When installing the GPS, the arrester can be placed outdoors or indoors.


24. In the product hard-mounted quality standard, how much degrees does the directional antenna azimuth error not exceeding?


25. Which of the following are the devices belonging to RF modules? (Multiple Choice)


Question 1 of 25

There are 25 free questions for H35-910-ENU exam. If want to get full version of H35-910-ENU exam, just click the picture to purchase. Any questions, just contact [email protected].


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