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Huawei H19-308_V4.0 Free Online Test: The Demo of New H19-308_V4.0 Exam Questions

To earn the Huawei HCSA-Presales-Storage certification, you must know the related exams below:

Finding the proper study materials for the preparation of the HCSA-Presales-Storage certification exam can help you take your career to an entirely new level. We at HCDAtest have completed the new H19-308_V4.0 exam questions for your HCSA-Presales-Storage V4.0 certification exam preparation.

The new Huawei H19-308_V4.0 exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the real exam content and knowledge points. The latest exam questions with verified answers presented by the HCDAtest will help you to prepare and pass the HCSA-Presales-Storage V4.0 certification exam on the first attempt with ease. We also have the H19-308_V4.0 free online test, which is the demo of the new exam questions to help you check the quality of H19-308_V4.0 exam questions.

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1. Generally speaking, SD-WAN solutions are suitable for which of the following commercial banks?

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2. The minimum cluster deployment of SD-WAN Agile Controller controller requires at least how many servers?

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3. In the SD-WAN solution, the site deployment method does not include which of the following?

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4. Huawei SDWAN application identification technology uses SA signature library identification. How many types of applications can be identified?

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5. Which of the following is not an advantage of our company’s and our friends’ cloud management solutions?

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6. Which of the following products do not currently support cloud management solutions?

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7. In the MPS scenario, which of the following products needs to be resold by the Security Alliance?

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8. Compared with MPS 2.0 and MPS 1.0, which of the following technical requirements is put forward for the first time?

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9. Which Huawei data center switch product has an AI chip on the main control board?

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10. Which model does S5731-S replace?

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11. Which model does S5731H replace?

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12. Which of the following statements about Sandbox FireHunter is correct?

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13. Regarding the comparative analysis of HiSec Insight and industry situational awareness products, what are the core advantages of HiSec Insight?

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14. Which device is mainly recommended in 10GE optical IOR VXLAN scenario?

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15. What is the philosophy of Huawei’s Intelligent Simplified E-Government Guangcheng Network?

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16. Which of the following technologies can solve the problem of insufficient number of VLANs?

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17. Regarding the minimalist and efficient features of the intelligent e-government data center solution, which statement is wrong?

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18. Which of the following switches does not support VXLAN features?

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19. Which description of the highway video surveillance front-end all-in-one machine (smartX) is incorrect?

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20. Regarding the description of the NE40 router, which option is wrong?

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21. The evolved and independent models of NE20E-S8 are?

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22. Which protocol is WiFi6?

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23. Which of the following statements is correct?

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24. Which of the following is not critical information about the Dorado V6 product?

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25. Which of the following forms belongs to the DCS lightweight cloud solution?

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26. Regarding the reliability of OceanStor 100D, which statement is wrong?

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27. What is the number of 10 modules that can be expanded by each controller enclosure of Dorado 18500 v5?

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28. Which of the following is the difference between OceanStor Pacific block service Active-Active and its competitors?

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29. Which new feature of ISV3800 image storage will be used by the district and county traffic police plan?

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30. How much performance will be improved after NUMA is enabled for FusionCompute virtualization in DCS?

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31. Which of the following models does not support the dual-controller 1TB cache specification?

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32. In video surveillance scenarios, how many channels of video recording with a bit rate of 4Mbps can a single Hikvision node support?

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33. OceanStor 9000 v5 single node maximum support in how many editing?

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