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11 Dec

Valid H12-731-ENU HCIE-Security Exam Questions

Planning for H12-731-ENU HCIE-Security (Written) (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert- Security) exam? Valid H12-731-ENU HCIE-Security Exam Questions have been released on December 11, 2018, which contain real H12-731-ENU exam questions with accurate answers to ensure your success in Huawei H12-731-ENU Exam.

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Please try H12-731-ENU free questions to test the high quality of Valid H12-731-ENU HCIE-Security Exam Questions now. There are 20 free questions of the full H12-731-ENU exam questions. After you check all Huawei H12-731-ENU free questions, you will find you want to get the full version of HCIE-Security H12-731-ENU exam.

Begin to Test:

1. The correct statement about UDP Flood and TCP Flood attack prevention is: (Multiple Choice)

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2. In the process of IPsec negotiation failure, open the IKE debugging switch and display the following information: got NOTIFY of type INVALID_ID_INFORMATION or drop message from A.B.C.D due to notification type INVALID_ID_INFORMATION, what does it mean? (Multiple Choice)

A. The IKE proposals at both ends do not match.

B. IPsec proposals at both ends do not match

C. The ACL configurations on both ends do not match.

D. The LOCAL-ID-TYPE at both ends is inconsistent

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3. What are the intrusion prevention implementation mechanisms included? (Multiple Choice)

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4. What is the correct statement about MTU and PMTU? (Multiple Choice)

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5. In NGFW, to use the RBL blacklist, which of the following key options do network administrators need to configure? (Multiple Choice)

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6. Regarding the relationship between the two technologies of 802.1X and RADIUS, which of the following description is correct?

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7. What are the main aspects of host hardening?

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8. What functions does content filtering contain in Huawei USG firewall?

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9. The internal network IP address of a Web server deployed in an enterprise DMZ is and the port is 8080. The public network address is and the external port number is 80.

Configure the following command on the firewall:

[USG6600] security-policy

[[USG6600-policy-security] rule name untrust_to_mz

[USG6600-policy-security-rule-untrust_to_mz] source-zone untrust

[USG6600-policy-security-rule-untrust_to_mz] destination-zone dmz

[USG6600-policy-security-rule-untrust_to_mz] destination-address 32

[USG6600-policy-security-rule-untrust_to_mz] service http

[USG6600-policy-security-rule-untrust_to_mz] action permit

[USG6600] nat server webserver protocol tcp global www inside 8080

The external network PC cannot access the Web Server inside the enterprise. Please analyze the reasons. The most likely reasons are:

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10. In the terminal security management, the whitelist + blacklist mode is adopted. Which of the following is a formal behavior?

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11. Hundreds of people in a medium-sized enterprise network access the Internet through the company's firewall, and the company deployed an enterprise portal in the firewall DMZ. As an IT security officer, which standard you should follow to procure and deploy Internet access audit products?

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12. The three servers have a centralized networking solution. As shown in the figure, the administrator finds that only one of the three Agile Controllers in the resource pool is alive.

In this case, which of the following descriptions is correct?

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13. Border network security, which of the following options are there for planning deployment recommendations?

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14. Which of the following statement of NAT Server is correct?

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15. Regarding the way of the SAC device access the network, which of the following description is correct?

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16. The USG firewall is directly connected to Layer 3 of other devices. During the commissioning, it is found that the peer IP address that is directly connected from the firewall ping is unreachable, and there is no problem with the peer device. What are the possible reasons for the analysis?

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17. What is the online application certificate method supported by the firewall PKI?

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18. Which of the following statement of SACG certification is correct?

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19. What protocols and ports do you need to open for the firewall to use the IPsec function?

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20. The firewall is deployed between the wireless user's mobile terminal and the WAP gateway. The mobile terminal is in the trust zone and the WAP gateway is in the untrust zone. The configuration is as follows:

[USG] ad 3000

[USG-acl-adv-3000] rule permit ip destination 0

[USG-acl-adv-3000] quit

[USG] fir-all zone trust

[USG-zone-trust] destination-nat 3000 address

[USG-zone-trust] quit

Which of following description is correct?

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