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22 Aug

Huawei HCS-Field-IVS H20-871-ENU Free Online Test

If looking for new HCS-Field-IVS Certification H20-871-ENU exam questions for H20-871-ENU HCS-Field-IVS(Huawei Certified Field Specialist-IVS) exam, please choose HCDATEST H20-871-ENU test questions now. HCDATEST has released new H20-871-ENU test questions, which will ensure you pass HCS-Field-IVS H20-871-ENU exam.

HCDATEST offers valid H20-871-ENU exam questions to ensure that you can pass H20-871-ENU exam with 100% passing guarantee. Here, we share 20 free questions as Huawei HCS-Field-IVS H20-871-ENU Free online Test, You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. You can test these 20 free questions to feel the high quality of HCDATEST H20-871-ENU exam dumps.

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1. Huawei IPC intelligent analysis functions include intrusion detection, loitering detection and cross-line detection.

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2. Typical application scenarios for urban security monitoring do not include ().

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3. According to the speed of the PTZ, the pan/tilt can be divided into (). (Multiple Choice)

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4. Which of the following is not a splicing scheme commonly used in surveillance center video walls?

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5. In the VCN3000 VMU dual-machine installation, the service network cards are eth0 and eth1.

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6. The PTZ camera can monitor the key position by setting ().

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7. When the alarm occurs, the linked target camera immediately records the evidence to provide a basis for the post-mortem analysis to ensure the validity of the video. The following descriptions of the above functions are ().

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8. Which of the following statements are wrong? (Multiple Choice)

Question 8 of 20

9. Which of the following features are unique to SafeVideo? (Multiple Choice)

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10. The decoder in the video monitoring system needs to register with () and accept its control.

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11. To prevent the HIK from entering the water, which one cannot be selected for the outdoor mounting bracket of the HIK?

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12. What layout methods are supported by the IVS client video browsing interface? (Multiple Choice)

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13. The smaller the focal length, the larger the angle of view.

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14. When logging in to the IVS client, you need to fill in the server address, which of the following statement about the server address is wrong?

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15. A megapixel camera needs to work with a megapixel lens to get better results.

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16. When the alarm is triggered, you need to prompt the monitoring inspector to dispose of it immediately. The optional linkage mode is (). (Multiple Choice)

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17. Regarding the hot spare disk, which of the following statement is incorrect? (Multiple Choice)

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18. Configure the camera behavior analysis alarm linkage, which interfaces do you need to operate on? (Multiple Choice)

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19. The main cause of the flashlight effect is (). (Multiple Choice)

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20. When someone breaks into the designated area, the camera automatically sends out an alarm signal, this belong to which of the following scene?

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