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11 Dec

Valid H35-810-ENU Telecommunication Equipment Survey Exam Questions

Planning for H35-810-ENU HCNA – Telecommunication Equipment Survey exam? Valid H35-810-ENU Telecommunication Equipment Survey Exam Questions have been released on December 11, 2018, which contain real H35-810-ENU exam questions with accurate answers to ensure your success in Huawei H35-810-ENU Exam.

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Please try H35-810-ENU free questions to test the high quality of Valid H35-810-ENU Telecommunication Equipment Survey Exam Questions now. There are 20 free questions of the full H35-810-ENU exam questions. After you check all Huawei H35-810-ENU free questions, you will find you want to get the full version of Telecommunication Equipment Survey H35-810-ENU exam.

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1. What is the maximum length of the power cable supported by the NE40E-X16 DC chassis?

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2. The standard placement means that all UMG8900 cabinets are placed in parallel, and there are no other product cabinets in the middle. Other cases are non-standard placement.

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3. The pigtails to be surveyed by the WDM equipment generally have inter-office pigtails, service pigtails, and inter-frame pigtails.

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4. When the base station carrier frequency is configured with 6 to 12 RRUs and two APM cabinets. The BBUs are installed in the main APM cabinet, that is, in the APM cabinet on the left.

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5. The cabinet power cable -48V, GND and PGND are blue, red, and yellow-green standard colors.

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6. What is the limit length of unshielded cable transmission?

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7. APM or TCM can be installed directly on the floor or stacked on the battery cabinet.

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8. The company's mobile broadband terminals include data cards, wireless routers, embedded modules, and WiMAX terminals.

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9. The cabinet used in the MA5680T device is an indoor ETSI. When the DC power supply is used, the MA5680T cabinet can be configured with a maximum of three frames.

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10. What can a project manager do to help the project team build a sense of community identity?

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11. What is the number of FE&POT services supported by the MA5620? (Multiple Choice)

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12. At present, the outer diameter of the 75 ohm 2M trunk cable delivered by the PTN device is 2.2 mm by default, the insulation layer size is 1.2 mm, and the 155M trunk cable is outer diameter of 3.9 mm for the SYV75-2-2.

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13. At present, the cross-sectional area of the power supply branch that the company can provide is: 25, 35mm^2. According to the actual length measured and the estimated maximum capacity calculation result, select the appropriate power supply branch line.

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14. EP530-4815 is a 220VAC input, requiring AC air switch to be 10A. The power distribution specification of -48VDC output is 10A*14PIN terminal +12A*10T terminal +4A*10T terminal; 10A supplies power to DBBP530 and 12A supplies power to RRU.

A. True

B. False

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15. Inverter function: convert AC power to -48V DC.

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16. What is the difference between the OSI network model and the TCP/IP model? (Multiple Choice)

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17. The UMTS system is composed of a CN (Core Network), a UTRAN radio access network and a UE (User Equipment). Which of the following two interfaces are defined between the CN and the UTRAN and between the UTRAN and the UE? (Multiple Choice)

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18. What are the control methods for survey quality? (Multiple Choice)

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19. For the down routing method, it is necessary to survey whether there are cables or obstacles under the floor, and whether it affects the routing.

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20. The Y-type clock line of the BSC6900 has a fixed length of 2m, 2.5m, and 10m.

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