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03 Apr

Updated Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU Exam Questions: Best Materials for Passing HCIP-Access V2.5 Exam

To help you pass the HCIP-Access V2.5 exam, we have updated Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions online to be your best materials. We have collected the real H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions and answers to ensure that you can achieve success on the first attempt.

Updated Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions contain 554 practice questions and answers. All these questions and answers are based on the exam outline and key objectives. We here have free Huawei H35-211_V2.5-ENU demo questions online, to help you check the quality of the updated materials. If have any questions, you can contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. Under the H.248 protocol, if the signaling IP and media IP are both and the voice gateway is, when configuring the voIP service, which of the following command is wrong?

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2. When the invitation message sent by user A reaches user B after passing through servers C, D, and E, the order of the server addresses recorded in the VIA field information in the message received by user B is?

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3. Regarding multicast, which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

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4. The correct multicast MAC address corresponding to the multicast IP address is?

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5. The IGMP version on the OLT is configured as V2. When the OLT receives the igmr v3 join message forwarded from the OnT, what will it do?

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6. Which of the following options can improve the service experience of multicast users when switching channels (shorter switching time)?

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7. A total of 100 multicast users on the OLT are watching 20 multicast programs. Assuming that each multicast program occupies a bandwidth of 2M, how much multicast traffic is currently available on the uplink port of the OLT?

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8. Use OTDR to locate the position of abnormal attenuation in the optical path. After the OTDR is connected to the detected line, which of the following parameters can be set? (Multiple choices)

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9. In the FTTB/C scenario, the ONU is connected to the phone as an AG device, and there is no sound when the SIP protocol is off-hook. The possible reason is?

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10. A power access service deploys GPON Type C dual-homing protection, and the state of the protection group and the uplink Ethernet port is determined on the OLT. When the state of the Ethernet port associated with the protection group on the OLT changes to down, which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

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11. When deploying GPON Type C single-homing protection, which of the following descriptions is correct?

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12. The device will periodically send and receive LMCP messages to avoid information loss. If no messages are received within () LACP message interaction periods, the system will consider the port to be faulty.

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13. The protection scope of GP ON Type B dual-homing protection includes? (Multiple choice)

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14. When the main fiber is broken or the OLT cannot detect the expected optical signal (LOS) alarm, the possible reason is? (Multiple choice)

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15. Which of the following statements about SSH connection is incorrect?

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16. When the PIT P switch is enabled globally or in the VLAN service template of the OLT, the service virtual port is allowed to carry upstream packets, the Vendor tag is switched, and the user upstream packets carry Vendor tarf information, which of the following about the OLT processing strategy of PITP message is correct?

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17. In order to prevent network monitoring in the GPON system, the most commonly used method is?

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18. Which of the following statements about defending against MAC Spoofing is incorrect?

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19. When deploying home-customer services in the PON system, which of the following service configurations has the highest priority?

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20. Which of the following is not a QOS service model?

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21. esight is a network management software located in the enterprise network scenario, which can view the detailed information of the onu device, including which of the following information? (Multiple choice)

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22. When configuring the IPTV service on the U2000, what templates are included in the IGMP template? (Multiple choice)

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23. Which of the following templates needs to be configured when Huawei network management U2000 configures FTTH IPTV service access?

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24. The effective downstream bandwidth of the GPON PON port is?

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25. Which of the following measures can GPON adopt in terms of flow control? (Multiple choice)

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02 Mar

New HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5-ENU Exam Questions – Check Free Demo Online

When coming to prepare for HCIP-Access V2.5 exam, you can choose new H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions as the preparation materials. HCDAtest H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions are real and all the answers have been verified to ensure that you can pass HCIP-Access V2.5 exam successfully.

To check new H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest, we have listed free H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam online test questions below. They are parts of new HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions, you can test them one by one to check the high-quality of new HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5-ENU exam questions. Any other questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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Please go to New HCIP-Access V2.5 H35-211_V2.5-ENU Exam Questions – Check Free Demo Online to view this quiz

23 Sep

Updated H35-211-ENU Exam Questions For HCIP-Access Certification

Now, you can choose to get the updated H35-211-ENU exam questions for HCIP-Access certification. Today, we have updated the Huawei HCIP-Access H35-211-ENU practice exam questions and answers, which help you complete the HCIP-Access Certification exam.

The most updated H35-211-ENU exam test contains 238 practice exam questions and answers, which are based on new HCIP-Access exam objectives. Here, we have 20 free exam demo online test, you can test your HCIP-Access H35-211-ENU exam questions online. More, if you have any questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

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Please go to Updated H35-211-ENU Exam Questions For HCIP-Access Certification to view this quiz


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