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28 Oct

Get New H11-879_V2.0-ENU Exam Questions to Prepare for HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0 Exam

To earn your HCIE-Collaboration certification, you need to successfully pass the HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0 exam, H11-879_V2.0-ENU. This exam will assess your skills and knowledge in the field. We provide the latest H11-879_V2.0-ENU exam questions to help you prepare thoroughly for the HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0 exam.

HCDAtest has compiled a comprehensive set of questions and answers for the HCIE-Collaboration (Written) V2.0 H11-879_V2.0-ENU exam. By studying these materials, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt. We also offer free demo questions for the Huawei H11-879_V2.0-ENU exam. You can test the quality of these new exam questions by trying the free demo. If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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1. Which Huawei patented technology has been introduced in the TP3206 system based on the old version TP3106?

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2. In H.460 public-private network traversal networking, TS (traversal server) does not need to have which of the following functions?

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3. Which of the following is a safe access method for remote maintenance of telepresence hosts?

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4. In a remote disaster recovery scenario, when the main node (U1981) fails, POTS user A of a branch node (the branch site device is U1911) makes an outbound call to local PSTN user B through the branch node, and the SIP signaling of the call passes through network element is?

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5. The basic functions of GateKeeper defined in the ITU-TH.323 protocol do not include?

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6. Regarding the relationship between auxiliary streams and audio and video, which of the following descriptions is wrong?

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7. Which of the following is not the most basic component of the H.323 protocol framework?

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8. Which of the following does not belong to the video conferencing system protocol system?

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9. 08:08:01 ARJ sendto [(] [Caller] [59512724] [(] [Callee][59522000051] [[Ox0000006derr_call callee_offline]
From the above GK log, we can see that the possible reasons for the call failure are?

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10. In the H.323 protocol system, H.225 RAS is carried on the () layer

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11. Two interconnected Huawei VP terminals A and B communicate through a conference scheduled by Huawei 8650+SMC. A uses the T.140 protocol to send a banner to B. The color of the banner displayed on B is?

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12. Among the following RAS messages, which one enables the gatekeeper to reject the node's access authentication and address resolution request?

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13. Cancel transaction can be used to cancel which of the following transaction?

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14. Which of the following is not a security mechanism of SIP?

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15. Configure Huawei GK-1 and Huawei GK-2 as neighbor GKs. Terminal A and Terminal B are registered in GK-1, and Terminal C is registered in GK-2. If both GK-1 and GK-2 enable Q931 routing, and terminal A actively calls the number of terminal C and the call is successful, how many SETUP messages are used in the call process?

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16. Regarding HD terminal auxiliary IP, which of the following statements is wrong?

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17. The terminal reads camera data through which of the following?

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18. TE60 supports multi-viewing effects up to?

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19. Which of the following terminals does not support 8M call bandwidth?

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20. The maximum pickup distance of VPM220 array microphone is?

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21. Local terminals or remote terminals cannot call each other through IP addresses. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

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22. VP96XX MCU supports which port allocation strategy?

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23. Which of the following interfaces on the MCU is the default business network port?

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24. SMC2.0 is based on the enterprise organizational structure management model. How many system users are there by default?

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25. In the SMC2.0 system, which of the following users has the highest authority level?

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26. A terminal failed to register with GK and found that the rejection code of GK was gkRejGkNoEnoughRegTable. Which may be caused?

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27. The IP of a private network terminal is, the static NAT export address is, the GK address is, and there is another public network terminal: At this time, the public network terminal calls the private network in point-to-point IP mode, which is calling address?

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28. Under static NAT networking, the packets sent by private network terminals through the firewall will be changed. Which of the following descriptions is wrong?

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29. Network recording supports downloading recorded video files to the local in which format and supports local playback?

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30. See networking. Assume that all terminals have been registered to GK/SC, there are no port restrictions on NAT1 and NAT2, and all terminals are TE30 terminals (H.323). Then T1 calls T3. Which of the following description is correct?

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31. Which is the core reason why video conferencing supports public and private network traversal?

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32. How many E1 lines can 86 series MCU service board connect to at most?

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33. TP3106 three-screen telepresence calling sequence is?

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