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11 Apr

Huawei H19-319_V2.0 Free Online Test: The Demo of New H19-319_V2.0 Exam Questions

To earn the Huawei HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration certification, you must know the related exams below:

  • H19-319_V2.0 HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration V2.0 (English Version)
  • H19-416_V1.0 HCSA-Presales-Intelligent Collaboration V1.0 (Chinese Version)

Finding the proper study materials for the preparation of the HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration certification exam can help you take your career to an entirely new level. We at HCDAtest have completed the new H19-319_V2.0 exam questions for your HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration V2.0 certification exam preparation.

The new Huawei H19-319_V2.0 exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the real exam content and knowledge points. The latest exam questions with verified answers presented by the HCDAtest will help you to prepare and pass the HCSA-PreSales-Intelligent Collaboration V2.0 certification exam on the first attempt with ease. We also have the H19-319_V2.0 free online test, which is the demo of the new exam questions to help you check the quality of H19-319_V2.0 exam questions.

Begin to Test:

1. What is the maximum dual-stream support of RoomPresence 65D?

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2. What is the maximum number of user registrations for CloudLinkEdge1000 in small-capacity networking?

Question 2 of 33

3. What kind of video fusion is not supported in the VDC video fusion scenario?

Question 3 of 33

4. What is the minimum bandwidth required for Room Presence 65D 4K video conferencing?

Question 4 of 33

5. Which of the following protocols is strongly related to data conferencing and is used to improve the compression performance and display effect of text, animation, and mixed graphics and text scenes?

Question 5 of 33

6. What is the maximum anti-packet loss capability of Huawei CloudLink Box610 audio and video?

Question 6 of 33

7. How many 1080P30 fully-adaptive ports does a single VP9830-T support?

Question 7 of 33

8. How many audio and video output interfaces does IdeaHub Board 2 have?

Question 8 of 33

9. The most important thing about security is to achieve end-to-end security protection of "cloud, pipe, terminal and core". Which of the following does "pipeline" refer to?

Question 9 of 33

10. Which of the following is a characteristic of dual-SC networking in a public-private network traversal scenario?

Question 10 of 33

11. What is the zoom capability of Camera100-HW camera?

Question 11 of 33

12. Which of the following is not a pain point in information transformation?

Question 12 of 33

13. The number of applications on IdeaHub that support "Parallel Horizon", what is the most accurate description?

Question 13 of 33

14. Which of the following products supports native drop-in conferencing?

Question 14 of 33

15. Which of the following descriptions about Cloud Link Bar500 is correct?

Question 15 of 33

16. How big is the RAM of S2?

Question 16 of 33

17. When SMC3.0 has built-in SC for public and private network traversal, what is the maximum traversal traffic?

Question 17 of 33

18. Automatic meeting minutes capability is provided by which of the following AI technologies?

Question 18 of 33

19. Which is the pickup distance of the built-in meter of Camera100-HW camera?

Question 19 of 33

20. Huawei Cloud Link Box310 uses H265 protocol encoding. What is the minimum bandwidth required for 1080P30 images?

Question 20 of 33

21. How to achieve physical anti-blue light?

Question 21 of 33

22. Which of the following options is the maximum number of conference sites that SMC3.0 can manage?

Question 22 of 33

23. Which of the following is not after-school teaching management?

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24. CloudLink Edge1000 supports the maximum () number of device registrations.

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25. VDC supports TeLink cloud and cloud collaboration. How many channels can be configured for multi-channel cascading? How many channels are there by default?

Question 25 of 33

26. Which of the following will not be included in the main MCU sales in 2023?

Question 26 of 33

27. Which of the following belongs to the c/s architecture?

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28. Mic 500 supports up to () levels of cascading.

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29. For a three-screen telepresence, which of the following is optional when it is sold?

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30. The HD-AI port of IdeaHub S2 can be connected to () peripherals.

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31. ES2 supports the () function, which solves the black border or stretching problem of mobile phone applications on large screens, allowing mobile phone vertical screen applications to be used directly on large screens, enabling navigation and content at the same time, and efficient browsing of information.

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32. Idea Hub B2 and Board2 have obtained the highest level () certification from China Information Security Certification Center (CCRC).

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33. Which is one- click conference joining process for SMC3.0 equipped telepresence?

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