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13 Oct

HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS Certification H19-374-ENU Real Exam Questions

How to prepare for H19-374-ENU HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS certification exam? Do you want to get online exam preparation to prepare for HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS certification exam? We have HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS Certification H19-374-ENU Real Exam Questions to help you do the best preparation.

Huawei H19-374-ENU exam questions have 314 practice exam questions and answers for HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS certification. There are 25 free exam questions online to let you check the HCS-Pre-Sales-IVS Certification H19-374-ENU Real Exam Questions first. You can test by yourselves. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. VCN500-R adopts dual power supply design, optional redundant power supply to improve system reliability.

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2. Lightweight in-cloud direct video quality diagnosis function, supports intelligent video quality diagnosis of connected cameras, and improves maintenance efficiency.

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3. The VCN3000 has a built-in video quality diagnosis function, which supports intelligent video quality diagnosis of the connected cameras to improve maintenance efficiency.

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4. For indoor type, where the light does not change much, manual iris lens can be used to save lens cost.

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5. Among the camera location and core requirements of the park, the main requirements for the entrance and exit of the park are face/vehicle capture, low illumination, and traffic statistics.

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6. Customer support services run through the online commercial period, from the beginning of shipment to the end of EOS.

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7. Compared with the analog monitoring center, the digital monitoring center has simpler wiring and better scalability, but it has the disadvantages of IP delay and slower response.

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8. Cameras are currently evolving from the IP era to the HD era.

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9. Smart campus security business 1 vehicle management does not include parking lot management answering system.

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10. The method of polling cameras on a large scale can reduce the number of video quality diagnosis servers.

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11. The focal length determines how far the object can be seen and how wide the scene is.

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12. Huawei's lightweight cloud starts with 3 units, which is less hardware than the central cloud.

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13. The X camera environment adaptive function can recognize scene changes such as light, weather, and movement speed in real time, dynamically adjust the image enhancement algorithm, and optimize the image quality of the whole scene.

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14. Safe City has solutions centered on the emergency command system and solutions centered on video surveillance.

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15. Common detection methods of the security bayonet system include coil detection, radar detection and video detection.

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16. In the security management of Huawei campus, personnel management can show the real-time trajectory of personnel and view historical video clips of personnel passing through each camera.

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17. Generally, the longer the focal length, the longer the lens barrel.

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18. Constructing three lines of defense, real-time monitoring, and traffic control of provinces, cities, and counties is the goal of the construction of urban entrance and exit security monitoring.

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19. From the perspective of market competition, overseas video surveillance manufacturers are gradually declining, and domestic brands are the main competitors.

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20. Using optical fiber to transmit analog video, the transmission distance can reach tens of kilometers.

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21. 4K camera X6981-Z20 adopts the industry's largest 4/3"Sensor, which is the 4K camera with the best low-light effect.

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22. Huawei can provide a full range of camera products, including ordinary IPC, thermal imaging cameras, explosion-proof cameras, panoramic cameras, and laser night vision cameras.

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23. Compared with the analog system, the IP monitoring system is more conducive to remote transmission.

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24. Common detection methods for security bayonet systems include coil detection, radar detection and video detection.

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25. Smart campus security business-In the comprehensive security business, the fire area can be opened with one key for the fire linkage.

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