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13 Nov

H35-210-ENU Huawei Certified Network Associate-Access Network

Please prepare for HCNA-Access Network H35-210-ENU exam with real Huawei H35-210 HCNA-Access Network exam questions. We ensure you pass HCNA-Access Network Certification H35-210 exam smoothly. Here we recommend you test Huawei HCNA-Access Network H35-210-ENU Free Online Test first.

We will provide 20 questions for HCNA-Access Network H35-210-ENU online test. You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. If you have taken the exam you will know it. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions.

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1. In MA5600 product, what modulation mode does ADSL use to be access in?

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2. Which of the following module is not MA5600's SCU main control panel's function module?

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3. When MA5600 SCU main control panel boot loading, what status will RUN light be?

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4. How much volts are MA5600 equipment's Rated working voltage?

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5. MA5600 service box provides pure broadband services, how many slots can be inserted LPU?

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6. What is the maximum number of ADSL2+ users that MA5600 single box can provide?

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7. About UA5000 description, which of the following statement is wrong?

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8. PVM manages and controls UA5000 machine frame's service boards. It can also send signal tones and receive numbers, to achieve the V5 protocol and H.248/MGCP protocol's Processing.

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9. Which of the following single board does not belong to the UA5000's narrowband service board?

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10. Integrated access device UA5000 in NGN networks, what role does it assume?

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11. Which of the following does not belong to ONT product?

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12. ONT PON's indicator light is always on, what does this show?

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13. Which of the following products do not belong to the ONU series products?

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14. In GPON network, what are the management protocols that are running between OLT and ONT?

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15. What is the maximum splitting ratio that MA5680T GPBC board supports?

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16. Which of the following belongs to management protocol that is between OLT and MXU in GPON network?

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17. What is the fiber type that MA5680T GPBD port is access to?

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18. MA5600T/MA5680T GE/FE optical interface board H802OPGD provides Ethernet optical access function, maximum support how many roads GE/FE P2P access?

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19. MA5600T ADSL2 + &POTS unified one service board H80BCAME provides how many ways ADSL2 + & POTS access services?

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20. About MA5600T main control panel operational status indicators (RUN ALM), which of the following state indicates that the board runs normally?

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31 Jul

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