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Huawei H12-725_V4.0-ENU Free Online Test: The Demo of New H12-725_V4.0-ENU Exam Questions

The Huawei HCIP-Security V4.0 certification is becoming more and more popular, you must register for the H12-725_V4.0-ENU exam to achieve this certification. Finding the proper study materials for the preparation of the HCIP-Security V4.0 certification exam can help you take your career to an entirely new level. We at HCDAtest have completed the new H12-725_V4.0-ENU exam questions for your preparation.

The new Huawei H12-725_V4.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the real exam content and knowledge points. The latest exam questions with verified answers presented by the HCDAtest will help you to prepare and pass the HCIP-Security V4.0 certification exam on the first attempt with ease. We also have the H12-725_V4.0-ENU free online test, which is the demo of the new exam questions to help you check the quality of H12-725_V4.0-ENU exam questions

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1. Which of the following descriptions about firewall bandwidth policies is correct?

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2. Which of the following is not a matching condition for policy routing?

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3. Which of the following descriptions about the difference between web link and web rewriting is incorrect?

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4. Which of the following commands can display the IPSec SA negotiation results and IPSec policy configuration information?

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5. Which of the following tools is commonly used for port scanning during penetration testing?

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6. After NAT traversal is enabled, when a NAT device is detected between two gateways, the ESP message will be encapsulated in a UDP header. Which of the following is the source and destination port number of the UDP header?

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7. Which of the following parameters cannot be configured in the bandwidth channel of the firewall?

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8. Which of the following is not a parameter that needs to be configured for the IKE security proposal? (Multiple choice)

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9. Which of the following attacks uses return timeout messages with a TTL of 0 to spy on the structure of the target network?

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10. Firewall application behavior control technology cannot control which of the following application behaviors?

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11. Which of the following descriptions of the file filtering process is correct?

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12. Which of the following DDoS attack types can be prevented by current limiting technology?

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13. In order to prevent internal employees from making inappropriate remarks on the Internet, which of the following content security filtering technologies can be deployed on fire prevention training 9

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14. In IPSec, if the Security ACL does not match the actual data flow to be protected, which of the following consequences will occur?

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15. Which of the following is the correct user name format for a firewall virtual system?

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16. Which of the following descriptions of the AH and ESP protocols is correct?

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17. Which of the following descriptions of source detection technology is incorrect?

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18. Which of the following descriptions about firewall session persistence is incorrect?

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19. Which of the following descriptions of health examinations is incorrect?

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20. In SSL VPN, the firewall performs access authorization and access control based on which of the following dimensions?

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21. The entire IPSec protocol framework contains multiple protocols. Which of the following protocols does not belong to the IPSec protocol framework?

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22. If the IPSec security protocols supported by both peers are inconsistent, which of the following consequences will result?

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23. ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload) is a protocol of IPSec that is used to provide confidentiality and anti-replay services for IP, including confidentiality of data packet content and limited traffic confidentiality. Which of the following is the protocol number of ESP?

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24. Which of the following descriptions of Web rewriting in Web proxies is incorrect?

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25. IKEv1 negotiation phase 1 supports two negotiation modes. How many bidirectional exchanges does the main mode include?

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26. Which of the following does not belong to the single packet attack type?

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27. Which of the following is not a malformed message attack?

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28. In a virtual system, which of the following ownership relationships is recorded in the traffic diversion table?

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29. Which of the following is the correct ordering of Huawei's intrusion prevention feature configuration process?

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30. The business form of an enterprise is complex, and multiple protocols are used to communicate between modules. In order to ensure the security of communication data and prevent third parties from stealing key data information, which of the following communication protocols should be avoided as much as possible?

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31. Which of the following is a signature included in the intrusion prevention signature database?

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32. Which of the following descriptions of black box testing in penetration testing is incorrect?

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33. When configuring the Portal page push policy on iMaster NCE-Campus, which of the following is not supported as a matching condition?

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