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Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU Free Online Test: The Demo of Updated H12-891_V1.0-ENU Exam Questions

The Huawei HCIE-Datacom V1.0 certification is becoming more and more popular, you must register for the H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam to achieve this certification. Finding the proper study materials for the preparation of the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 certification exam can help you take your career to an entirely new level. We at HCDAtest have updated the H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions for your preparation.

The most updated Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the real exam content and knowledge points. The latest exam questions with verified answers presented by the HCDAtest will help you to prepare and pass the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 certification exam on the first attempt with ease. We also have the H12-891_V1.0-ENU free online test, which is the demo of the new exam questions to help you check the quality of H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions.

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1. An interface has the following configuration: isitimerhello5level-2. Which of the following descriptions is correct?

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2. Which of the following descriptions of MPLS label space is wrong?

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3. After the interface Sticky MAC function is enabled on the device, what is the number of MAC addresses learned by the interface by default?

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4. In the firewall dual-machine hot standby scenario, when VGMP is working in load sharing mode, in order to avoid the return traffic being discarded because it does not match the session table entry in the scenario where the round-trip paths are inconsistent, what functions do the firewall need to enable?

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5. Which of the following descriptions of Underlay in VXLAN virtualized campus applications is wrong?

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6. Which of the following descriptions of BGP/MPLSIPVPN routing interactions is wrong?

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7. In the following MPLSL3VPN cross-domain solution, which one of the VPNv4 routes needs to be transmitted between ASBRs?

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8. Which of the following BGP routing attributes cannot control BGP route selection?

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9. In the scenario of dynamically establishing a VXLAN tunnel through BCP EVPN, when using BGP EVPN Type2 routing for host MAC address advertisement, which of the following descriptions is correct?

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10. There are three different roles in strategic linkage. Which of the following is not a role defined in strategic linkage?

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11. A company's headquarters network and branch network are interconnected through the Internet. If you want to use VPN technology to ensure safe and reliable data transmission between headquarters users and branch users, which of the following VPN technologies is the most suitable?

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12. In the scenario of dynamically establishing a VXLAN tunnel through BGP EVPN, when EVPN Type2 is used to advertise host ARP and host IP routes respectively, which option is wrong in the following description?

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13. In the campus network, in order to facilitate the management of servers, printers, video surveillance and other equipment, which of the following methods is recommended for address allocation?

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14. For scenarios where advanced security functions such as UR filtering, IPS, security defense, and AV anti-virus need to be supported, and multi-link uplink needs to be supported, which of the following can be selected for the egress device?

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15. Which of the following options is not the discarding strategy of the cache queue?

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16. There are many types of token buckets. Which type of token bucket should be used for long-term burst traffic?

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17. How many bits are there in the MPLS label field?

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18. Which of the following is the meaning of the ipv6 enable topology ipv6 command in IS-IS protocol view?

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19. When the network administrator tried to access the internal network device through Telnet, he found that he could not access it. Which of the following reasons is impossible?

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20. When troubleshooting MSTP, the network administrator executed the display current-configuration command to obtain the configuration file of the device. Which of the following description of troubleshooting ideas is wrong?

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21. Which of the following descriptions about the purpose of configuring LSP fragmentation on IS-IS equipment is correct?

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22. Which of the following NAT64 prefixes does not require manual configuration by the administrator?

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23. SR-MPLS Policy needs to introduce business traffic into the tunnel for forwarding. If there are different business traffic going to the same destination address, in order to better ensure the quality of different services, which of the following traffic diversion methods is best to use?

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24. The default priority of VRRP devices in the backup group is?

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25. Regarding the description of MAC address spoofing attack, which of the following statements is correct?

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26. Regarding the description of configuring the security level of the firewall security zone, which of the following statements is correct?

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27. Regarding the description of Network Address Port Translation (NAPT) and Network Address Only Translation (No-PAT), which of the following statements is correct?

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28. In different scenarios, RSTP provides different protection functions. Which of the following is wrong?

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29. Which of the following descriptions about DHCP Snooping is wrong?

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30. Which of the following descriptions of BGP/MPLS IP VPN network architecture is wrong?

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31. The default sending interval of BFD detection packets is?

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32. What is the default lease period of the DHCP address pool?

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33. In scenarios with dense rooms such as dormitories, hotels, and wards, deploying an AP in each room will cause a large number of packets to be sent to the AC, which can easily cause performance bottlenecks on the AC. In order to cope with this challenge, which networking architecture can be adopted?

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