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15 Aug

New HCIA-Big Data V3.5 H13-711_V3.5-ENU Exam Questions – Check Free Test Online

Every candidate should know the HCIA-Big Data V3.0 was officially offline on June 16, 2023. The current version of HCIA-Big Data is V3.5, candidates are required to take the Huawei H13-711_V3.5-ENU exam successfully to achieve success. Today, we like to share the newest HCIA-Big Data V3.5 H13-711_V3.5-ENU exam questions to be your good learning materials.

New Huawei H13-711_V3.5-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the new exam objectives. At HCDAtest, you can download the latest Huawei HCIA-Big Data V3.5 H13-711_V3.5-ENU exam questions to make preparation. We have more than 30 questions as the demo online. Then you can check these free test questions online. If have any other questions, you can contact us via mail: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. Which of the following options are the advantages of Fusioninsight Spark SQL?

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2. What kind of computing tasks is the MapReduce component in Hadoop good at handling?

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3. When a Region in HBase performs a Split operation, what stage does the process of actually dividing an HFile file into two Regions take place?

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4. In the FusionInsight HD cluster planning, what kind of scenarios is suitable for the unified deployment of management nodes, control nodes and data nodes?

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5. Which of the following services provided by Zookeeper does Streaming implement event listening?

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6. Among the following options, which one is correct about the meaning of Zookeeper reliability?

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7. In order to improve the fault tolerance of Kafka, Kafka supports partition replication strategy. Which of the following descriptions about Leader partition and Follower partition is wrong?

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8. Flume is used to collect data, and the basic unit of data transmitted by the device is?

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9. The SoIrCloud mode is a cluster mode. In this mode, the Solr server is strongly dependent on which of the following services?

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10. Which of the following is a node of ElasticSearch?

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11. Which statement about HIVE is wrong?

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12. When deploying Fusioninsight HD, it is recommended to deploy at least a few FlumeServer nodes in the same cluster?

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13. Which of the descriptions about ordinary tables and external tables in Hive is wrong?

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14. Which way is wrong to load data into the Hive table?

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15. Which of the following is not a feature of the MapReduce component in Hadoop?

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16. In Hive, which of the following descriptions about partitions is wrong?

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17. Which of the following functions can the Shell script of Loader achieve? (Multiple choice)

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18. Assume that the minimum resource guarantee for each user is set to YARN.scheduler.capacity.root.QueueA.minimum-
User-limit-percent=25, then which of the following statement is wrong?

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19. After using the Streaming client shell command to submit the topology in the Fusioninsight HD system, I use the Strom UI to view and find that the topology has not processed data for a long time. What may be the reason? (Multiple choice)

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20. Which of the following commands can be used to create node data?

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21. Which of the following descriptions about Fusioninsight CTBase is wrong?

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22. When planning and deploying a Fusionlnsight cluster, it is recommended to deploy _ ___ management nodes, at least ____ control nodes, and at least _____ data nodes.

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23. Existing server.channels=ch1, set the Channel type to File Channel, which of the following configurations is correct?

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24. Which two roles are responsible for the active and standby state management of the NameNode node and the merging of metadata files in HDFS?

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25. When deploying HBase in a Fusioninsight HD cluster with N nodes, it is recommended to deploy _____ HMaster processes and _ _____ RegionServer processes.

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26. A user information table meg_table is saved in the HBase of Fusioninsight HD, Rowkey is the user id, and one column is the user nickname. Now write three KeyValues into this column in order: 001: Li, 001: Mary, 001: Lily, excuse me, which data will be returned by scan' meg_table' (VERSION=>2)?

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27. Hardware failure is considered normal. In order to solve this problem, HDFS designed a copy mechanism. By default, for a file, HDFS will save () copies?

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28. In the Kafka cluster, the role of the Kafka server is?

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29. RDD has Transformation and Action operators. Which of the following belongs to the Action operator?

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30. Hive is a hadoop-based data warehouse software that can query and manage PB-level distributed data.
Which of the following descriptions about Hive features is wrong?

Question 30 of 33

31. Which of the following types of data is not semi-structured data?

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32. In order to ensure the reliability of the snapshot storage of streaming applications, where are the snapshots mainly stored?

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33. What is the role of the connector when Fusioninsight HD's Loader creates a job?

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