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11 Sep

Get New H13-711_V3.0-ENU Test Questions To Complete HCIA-Big Data V3.0 Certification

You can get new H13-711_V3.0-ENU test questions online to learn all the questions and answers and complete HCIA-Big Data V3.0 certification. We have released new Huawei HCIA-Big Data V3.0 certification H13-711_V3.0-ENU test questions to help you achieve the success.

Huawei H13-711_V3.0-ENU test questions are new with 510 questions and answers, which will be shared in formats of PDF and testing engine. We have 25 free questions for testing online. We ensure that you can pass HCIA-Big Data V3.0 exam successfully. Before getting the full version, you can check H13-711_V3.0-ENU free questions first. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. Which one of the following commands can be used to clear the data of all databases under the Redis instance?

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2. How many fragments does an index library of ElasticSearch have by default?

Question 2 of 25

3. Which one of the following factors have contributed to the vigorous development of the big data era?

Question 3 of 25

4. Which of the following descriptions of Hive features are incorrect?

Question 4 of 25

5. When the Loader of MRS creates a job, what is the role of the connector?

Question 5 of 25

6. Which way does ElasticSearch index data use?

Question 6 of 25

7. Which one of the following descriptions of the characteristics of big data and traditional databases are incorrect?

Question 7 of 25

8. In Fusioninsight products, about Kafka Topic, which of the following descriptions are incorrect?

Question 8 of 25

9. Which of the following are the characteristics of Huawei Kunpeng processor?

Question 9 of 25

10. In the MRS cluster, which of the following components does Spark mainly interact with?

Question 10 of 25

11. Assuming that the data volume is about 200GB and the maximum fragment capacity is limited to 30GB, what is the appropriate design for the maximum number of fragments?

Question 11 of 25

12. If it is necessary for the data producer to determine the data sent to a certain task of the target Bolt, which of the following message publishing strategies should be selected?

Question 12 of 25

13. When installing the Streaming component of Fusionlnsight HD, how many nodes are required to install by the Nimbus role?

Question 13 of 25

14. Which of the following are not part of the core elements of KrbServer?

Question 14 of 25

15. Which of the following scenarios are not what Flink components good at?

Question 15 of 25

16. Which command in Redis is to view the remaining lifetime of the key?

Question 16 of 25

17. In the MRS platform, which component does the Flume data flow not need to pass through in the node?

Question 17 of 25

18. Which one of the following is not a state store supported by Flink?

Question 18 of 25

19. What component does HBase use by default as its underlying file storage system?

Question 19 of 25

20. Which one of the following is not a role or service involved in the HBase read data process?

Question 20 of 25

21. What physical resources does Redis consume mainly?

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22. If you want to add 1 to the digital value stored in the Key, which command should be used?

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23. Now server.channels=ch1 is available, set the Channel type to File Channel, which of the following configurations are correct?

Question 23 of 25

24. What is the default resource scheduler for queues in YARN?

Question 24 of 25

25. Which one of the following is a node of ElasticSearch?

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