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New HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU Free Online Test

Welcome to check H13-211-ENU free online test, which can prove that HCDAtest H13-211-ENU exam questions are new and great for HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 certification exam. New HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU Free Online Test ensures that you can pass H13-211-ENU exam in the first attempt.

There are 173 practice exam questions and answers in new H13-211-ENU exam questions. Here, we have 20 free demo questions online for checking. Please test them one by one and answer the demo questions online carefully. You will find that new H13-211-ENU questions and answers at HCDAtest are accurate with 100% passing guarantee. If have any questions, please contact us through mail: [email protected]

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1. Huawei firmly believes that the value of AI is ultimately reflected in solving the actual business problems of the enterprise. Therefore, in the development of AI technology, Huawei firmly relies on domain solutions as a traction, gathers basic technologies and enabling platforms, and cooperates with industry practice leaders to develop the industry domain solutions.

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2. In a large-scale relationship analysis scenario, which of the following options does not belong to the three high demands of massive relationship processing?

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3. What does not belong to supervised learning below?

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4. Artificial intelligence, deep learning.
Artificial intelligence is currently more suitable for scenarios with "known environment, clear goals, and predictable actions." Deep learning is in the fields of image recognition, speech recognition, translation, etc., artificial intelligence basically has human recognition capabilities, and even surpasses human capabilities. Based on these capabilities, it has been applied to many scenarios, such as medical treatment and public safety. But it is still lacking in reasoning and cognition.

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5. Which of the following is not a specific technology of artificial intelligence?

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6. The factors that promote the development of artificial intelligence do not include:

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7. What are the research areas of artificial intelligence? (Multiple Choice)

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8. Neural network research belongs to which of the following schools?

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9. Which of the following belongs to the category of artificial intelligence? (Multiple Choice)

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10. What are the service categories included in Huawei Cloud EI Enterprise Intelligence? (Multiple Choice)

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11. What are the elements of artificial intelligence? (Multiple Choice)

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12. The history of robots is not long. In 1959, the American Ingerber and Dvor made the first generation of industrial robots in the world, and the history of robots really began.
According to the development process of the robot, it is usually divided into three generations, they are respectively: (Multiple Choice)

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13. Description of artificial intelligence: Artificial intelligence is a new technical science that studies, develops the theories, methods, and application systems for simulating, extending, and expanding human intelligence. It is one of the core research areas of machine learning.

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14. When was the first time to propose "artificial intelligence"?

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15. What subject is artificial intelligence?

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16. Dark Blue "Human-Machine War" in May of 1997, the famous "Human-Machine War" defeated the world chess king Kasparov with a total score of 3.5 to 2.5. Is this computer called?

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17. In which year did Huawei formally provide services as a cloud service, and cooperate with more partners to provide richer artificial intelligence practices?

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18. The meaning of artificial intelligence was first proposed by a scientist in 1950, and at the same time proposed a test model of machine intelligence. Who is this scientist?

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19. Which of the following does not belong to the artificial intelligence school?

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20. What are the basic platform services included in Huawei Cloud EI Enterprise Intelligence? (Multiple Choice)

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