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22 May

New H13-211-ENU HCIA-Intelligent Computing Free Online Test Released

New H13-211-ENU HCIA-Intelligent Computing free online test released on May 21, 2020, which will ensure that you can pass HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU exam smoothly.

New H13-211-ENU HCIA-Intelligent Computing exam questions contain 157 practice exam questions and answers. Here, we will share 20 free online test questions to help you check the high-quality of H13-211-ENU exam questions. If you have any questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. The three types of operating systems divided by application areas are (), server operating system and (), where server operating system stock refers to the operating system installed on the mainframe computer, such as Web server, application server and database server, etc. (Multiple Choice)

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2. One memory label that shows the words “PC3L”, what is the meaning of the “L” in the “PC3L”?

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3. Which of the following are not the server virtualization software?

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4. The CPU frequency is also called the clock frequency, the unit is megahertz (MHz) or gigahertz (GHz2), its role is:

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5. OS (Operating System) is to manage and control the computer hardware and software resources of a computer program. Which of the following are its core functions? (Multiple Choice)

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6. CPU are typically employed in Von Neumann architecture, wherein the data signal enters into the controller by input device, and then reaches the operator for calculating.

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7. Hardware resource pooling is the future evolution trend of server hardware, which of the following is not its advantage?

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8. Software is a series of computer data and instructions organized in a specific order. Which of the following statements about software is wrong?

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9. Computer software is divided into programming language, system software, application software and middleware system software to provide the most basic functions for computer use.

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10. The series of equipment developed by Huawei for the artificial intelligence application computing platform is:

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11. Which of the following processor types belong to the RISC instruction set architecture? (Multiple Choice)

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12. Which of the following is not the reason for the rise of edge computing?

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13. Which of the following statement about the chip is wrong?

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14. Breaking the CPU boundary in intelligent computing refers to the use of server clusters to process complex applications.

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15. Which of the following microarchitectures were introduced in the Intel TickTock (Pendulum Mode) architecture year? (Multiple Choice)

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16. Which of the following does not belong to the GPU typical application scenario?

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17. The general server is based on the PC architecture, using Intel or other X86 instruction set compatible processor chips and Linux or Windows operating system servers, the price is cheap, the compatibility is good, the stability is poor, the security is not too high, and mainly used in SMEs and non-critical business.

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18. The ARM microprocessor has been used in various product markets such as industrial control, consumer electronics, communication systems, network systems, wireless systems, etc. Which of the following description about the characteristics of the ARM architecture is wrong?

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19. Which of the following chip is the semi-custom chip that solves the shortcomings of custom circuits and overcomes the shortcomings of the limited number of gates of the original programmable devices?

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20. Which of the following chips does not belong to the type of chip in the evolution of FPGA?

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12 May

New HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU Free Online Test

Welcome to check H13-211-ENU free online test, which can prove that HCDAtest H13-211-ENU exam questions are new and great for HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 certification exam. New HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU Free Online Test ensures that you can pass H13-211-ENU exam in the first attempt.

There are 173 practice exam questions and answers in new H13-211-ENU exam questions. Here, we have 20 free demo questions online for checking. Please test them one by one and answer the demo questions online carefully. You will find that new H13-211-ENU questions and answers at HCDAtest are accurate with 100% passing guarantee. If have any questions, please contact us through mail: [email protected].

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Please go to New HCIA-Intelligent Computing V1.0 H13-211-ENU Free Online Test to view this quiz

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