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16 Dec

H12-711-ENU HCNA-Security Constructing Basic Security Network

Huawei HCNA-Security Certification H12-711 HCNA-Security-CBSN exam questions are real and original. After practiced Huawei HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU Test Questions and Answers, you will pass H12-711-ENU HCNA-Security-CBSN(Huawei Certified Network Associate – Constructing Basic Security Network) exam smoothly.

We will provide 10 questions for Huawei Security Technology H12-711-ENU HCNA Security online test. You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 393 questions. And all your real questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps. If you want to purchase the full version 393 questions please go to our Shop page or click “I want to buy full version“. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Start to test:

1. Network administrators set up the networkings as follows:

LAN_A --------- (G0/0) USG_A (G0/1) --------- (G0/0) USG_B (G0/1) -------------- LAN_B

USG_A divides firewall security zones, connects LAN_A areas Trust, and connects USG_B area's Untrust, according to the above description, which of the following statement is correct?

Question 1 of 10

2. Which of the following statement is true about NAT? (Choose three answers)

Question 2 of 10

3. Using the detect command among the USG series firewall area, if the application protocol is a non-standard port, which of the following techniques can resolve the problems posed by non-standard ports:

Question 3 of 10

4. U In USG product network extensions function, you need to realize you can either access the remote corporate intranet and the distal local LAN, but also access to Internet, which client route do you require to use?

Question 4 of 10

5. Policy Center system can implement two dimensions' management functions: organizational management and regional management.

Question 5 of 10

6. Which of the following way can USG products use to control the users access permission? (Choose three answers)

Question 6 of 10

7. Which of the following contents does Policy Center system's shared directory security policy contain? (Choose three answers)

Question 7 of 10

8. VLAN's Tag information is contained in which of the following message segment?

Question 8 of 10

9. In the current network it has deployed other authentication system, device registration function by enabling a single point, reducing the user to re-enter the password.

About single sign-on statement which is correct? (Choose two answers)

Question 9 of 10

10. Which of the following componets do consist of Policy Center system? (Choose three answers)

Question 10 of 10



11 Jun

HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU new questions added

Hello to all candidates. We add 154 new questions to our HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU exam dumps. Now there are 393 questions in our latest H12-711-ENU dumps. The reason why we add some new questions in that Huawei changed some of the questions in the actual exam.

We guarantee you 100% pass this exam after you study our dumps. And in our free online test page, the demo questions for H12-711-ENU exam have been updated.

Check the demo questions from this link: http://www.hcdatest.com/h12-711-enu-hcna-security-constructing-basic-security-network/

Full version link: http://www.hcdatest.com/product/h12-711-enu-hcna-security-constructing-basic-security-network/

If you have any questions please email us [email protected] We will reply your email in 10 minutes during our working time, in 12 hours in offtime.

22 Feb

Release: HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU dumps V11.02

To all candidates: HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU dumps have been released. We have posted 10 demo questions on our site.
10 demo questions link: http://www.hcdatest.com/h12-711-enu-hcna-security-constructing-basic-security-network/

10 questions are just part of our full version. There are 239 questions in our full version dumps. We guarantee you can 100% pass this H12-711-ENU exam at your first attempt after studying our 239 questions. All  your actual questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps.
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30 Dec

Exam Changed: H12-711-ENU HCNA Security exam

To all customers: HCNA security exam H12-711-ENU has been changed. We have update this exam. There are 239 questions in our new dumps. All you actual questions will be randomly chosen from our newest H12-711-ENU dumps. 100% pass guaranteed!

We just provide software version in order to protect our dumps. We spent a lot to crack the latest dumps. New questions demo will be posted on our site in several days. If you are urgent or have any questions please email us [email protected]

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17 Nov

Update: HCNA-Security H12-711-ENU exam dumps

H12-711-ENU exam was changed by Huawei. But don’t worry, we are glad to inform you guys that we have updated this H12-711-ENU exam today.

There are 239 questions  in the new update version. We specially provide English version for all English candidates. 100% pass guaranteed after you study our dumps. If you have any questions or you want to see the latest demo questions please contact us at email [email protected]

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