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29 Apr

Updated H12-711_V3.0-ENU Exam Questions For Preparation of HCIA-Security V3.0 Exam

HCIA-Security V3.0 H13-711_V3.0-ENU exam questions have been updated by the HCDAtest team, who have full confidence to ensure that you can pass HCIA-Security V3.0 certification exam in the first attempt.

Updated H12-711_V3.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest containing 706 practice exam questions with the most verified answers are the best preparation materials online. Here are have Huawei H12-711_V3.0-ENU free test online for checking the high-quality of HCIA-Security V3.0 H12-711_V3.0-ENU exam. If you have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. The key used by DES encryption is bits, while the key used by 3DES encryption is _______ bits.

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2. How many IPSec SAs need to be established to encapsulate IP packets using the AH+ESP protocol?

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3. Which of the following security measures does the monitor correspond to?

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4. Which of the following VPNs cannot be used in a site-to-Site scenario?

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5. Which of the following options is not included in the processing method adopted by the firewall for the matched authentication data flow?

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6. When an access user uses Client-Initiated VPN to establish a tunnel with the LNS, how many PPP connections can a tunnel carry?

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7. Regarding the Server Map table generated by NAT No-PAT, which of the following descriptions is correct?

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8. Which of the following statements about the heartbeat interface is wrong?

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9. Which of the following is not a type of digital certificate?

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10. Information security prevention includes both management and technical measures. Which of the following measures is not a precautionary method for information security technology?

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11. The administrator connects to the firewall through the G1/0/0 interface (which has been added to the Trust zone). If the administrator is allowed to log in to the firewall through G1/0/0 for configuration management, how to configure the traffic allowed in the security policy direction?

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12. The company administrator uses the ping command to test the connectivity of the network. If he needs to specify the source address of the ehco-request message, what is the additional parameter he needs?

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13. Which of the following descriptions about the characteristics of the HWTACACS protocol is wrong?

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14. Regarding NAT technology, which of the following descriptions is correct?

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15. An employee of a company accesses the internal web server of the company through the firewall, and the web page of the website can be opened by using a browser, but the reachability of the web server is tested by using the Ping command, and it shows that it is unreachable.
What is the possible reason?

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16. Which of the following SSLVPN functions can only access all TCP resources?

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17. Regarding NAT technology, which of the following descriptions is false?

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18. The attacker sends a sw packet with the same source address and destination address, or the source address is the loopback address to the target host (the source port and destination port are the same), causing the attacker to send a SYN-ACK message to its own address.
What kind of attack is this behavior?

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19. In the information assurance stage, which of the following perspectives need to be considered for information security?

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20. Which of the following is an "information sabotage incident" in the classification of cybersecurity incidents?

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21. The TCP/IP protocol stack packet encapsulation includes:
1. Data
3. MAC
4. IP
Which of the following describes the packaging order is correct?

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22. Which of the following descriptions about the function of the iptables table is wrong?

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23. Which of the following is not a block encryption algorithm in the symmetric encryption algorithm?

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24. Regarding the single sign-on supported by the firewall, which of the following is not included?

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25. Which of the following options is not a private network IP address?

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