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22 Apr

New HCIA-WLAN V3.0 H12-311_V3.0-ENU Exam Questions – Read H12-311_V3.0-ENU Free Online Test

To all HCIA-WLAN certification candidates, the current version of HCIA-WLAN certification is V3.0, and the written exam H12-311_V3.0 is only available in English. New HCIA-WLAN V3.0 H12-311_V3.0-ENU exam questions are available at HCDAtest to help candidates prepare for their HCIA-WLAN V3.0 certification exam well.

New HCIA-WLAN V3.0 H12-311_V3.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest contain 299 practice exam questions and answers in total. We have H12-311_V3.0-ENU free online test for reading to help you check the high quality of HCIA-WLAN V3.0 certification exam. If have any other questions, just contact us via mail: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. At present, the security policy based on user authentication that is widely used in the enterprise network is () (Select 2 Answers)

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2. Mesh Networking is defined in which of the following protocols ()?

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3. 802.11g What rates can be supported?

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4. CAPWAP The port number of the control message of the tunnel protocol is ().

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5. 2.4 GHz How many channels () can the frequency band be divided into at most?

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6. Not loaded license Time AC6605 Supported by default AP The number is ().

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7. WLAN The signal passes through which of the following materials with less penetration loss (). (Select 2 Answers)

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8. If one 802.11n of AP support 2*2 of MIMO Technology, then this AP What is the theoretical rate of ()?

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9. for AC+ thin AP The network architecture, the following description is wrong ().

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10. In order to facilitate management and maintenance, AP The power supply mode is generally preferred to select () for power supply.

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11. SSID What is the Chinese name of ()?

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12. for dBm,dB,dBi, The following description is correct (). (Select 3 Answers)

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13. Which of the following descriptions of power splitters and couplers are correct is ().

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14. Which of the following are AP Factors to consider in capacity planning (). (Select 3 Answers)

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15. Regarding the networking mode, the following description is correct ().

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16. What are the general methods to solve co-channel interference (). (Select 3 Answers)

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17. Multi-floor deployment in a building AP When, the factor that needs attention is (). (Select 3 Answers)

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18. After wireless users connect to the wireless signal point, they can’t get it IP Address, what are the possible reasons ()? (Select 2 Answers)

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19. If changed AP The configuration parameters of the radio must be restarted AP The order can only take effect.

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20. Indoor installation AP The power is generally () mW.

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21. pass through FTP Way to upgrade AP, You need to ensure AP and FTP Servers can communicate with each other, and AP Put the upgrade file in FTP Root directory.

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22. Huawei Box Wireless Controller AC6605 support twenty four Piece PoE Interface in WLAN Can be directly connected when networking AC of AP Make a supply Electricity.

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23. WLAN What are the working frequency bands ()? (Select 2 Answers)

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24. Regarding the two major PoE standards, the following statement is incorrect (). (Select 2 Answers)

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25. When did the initial application of wireless networks begin ()?

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