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Newly Updated H12-261-ENU HCIE-Routing&Switching Questions

That’s great, we newly updated H12-261-ENU HCIE-Routing&Switching questions on August 30, 2019, which will be the best online preparation materials for passing Huawei H12-261-ENU exam. Come to get H12-261-ENU exam questions to prepare for H12-261-ENU HCIE-Routing&Switching exam.

We also share free H12-261-ENU exam questions online for checking. Here there are 25 free H12-261-ENU exam questions. Answer one question can get 4 scores. The total score is 100. You can read all these free questions online and test them by yourselves. Then you will find the full version of Huawei H12-261-ENU questions is helpful. More questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. When ISIS area authentication is configured, which ISIS packet can carry the authentication information?


2. The Type 5 LSA in OSPF is used to pass external routes. Which of the following statement about the five Type 5 LSA is wrong?


3. After the BGP connection is successful, then down, what are the reasons for the impossible?


4. What is the correct description of the BGP reflector? (Multiple Choice)


5. Regarding the BGP confederation, which of the following description is incorrect?


6. There is an AS-path-filter, ip as-path-filter 1 permit ^100(_100)*(_400)*, which AS-PATH attribute cannot be matched by the As-path-filter?


7. Which of the following statement about deploying ISIS protocol in IPv6 environment is correct?


8. After the BGP route is imported to other protocols, the next hop in the BGP routing table is the same as the next hop of the routing protocol imported.


9. If the value of the Option field in the OSPFv3 Hello packet sent by GigabitEthernet 0/0/0 interface of Router A is 0x000013, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple Choice)


10. Regarding BGP route filtering, what is wrong with the following description? (Multiple Choice)


11. To view the routing table of router R1, execute the command “display ip routing-table” on the route R1. Router R1 runs OSPF. Which of the following is true about the OSPF information in the routing table?


12. Regarding the Stub area and the NSSA area of the OSPF protocol, which of the following statement is incorrect?


13. Regarding the sliding window of TCP, which of the following descriptions are wrong? (Multiple Choice)


14. What is the correct description about Filter-policy?


15. The OSPFv3 protocol is a separately developed protocol. It differs from OSPFv2 in that OSPFv3 is based on links rather than network segments. Which of the following statement is incorrect?


16. ISIS will elect DIS in the broadcast multi-access network. Which of the following statement about DIS is correct? (Multiple Choice)


17. Which of the following about the RD attribute filter of BGP is correct? (Multiple Choice)


18. Which of the following description about the process of sending and receiving data frames in the Access mode of the switch interface is correct?


19. Which of the following options may affect the establishment of IBGP neighbors? (Multiple Choice)


20. In RSTP, which port can provide the backup path that has reached to the root node of the spanning tree? What state is the port?


21. When you troubleshoot a LAN that has Huawei devices deployed, you find that there are many unicast frames with unknown source MAC addresses in the LAN. What is the greatest harm that many unknown source MAC address unicast frames will cause to the switch?


22. Which of the following description of the MUX VLAN in the Huawei switch is correct?


23. Which of the following description about the CHAP authentication function in the PPP protocol is correct? (Multiple Choice)


24. An existing switch runs RSTP. If the network topology changes, what happens to the Layer 2 forwarding entries learned automatically by the switch?


25. Cross-device link aggregation enables data stream transmission and mutual backup of stack member switches. However, because of the limited bandwidth of stack cables between stack devices, which of the following methods can improve forwarding efficiency?


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