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New HCIE-R&S Written Exam H12-261-ENU Questions

Getting new HCIE-R&S Written Exam H12-261-ENU Questions to prepare for HCIE R&S (Written)(Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Routing & Switching) exam now. New H12-261-ENU questions contain 264 real questions and answers, which are verified all of them are valid and accurate for passing HCIE-R&S Written Exam. 

Test H12-261-ENU Free Questions to find what new H12-261-ENU questions work for you

We offer H12-261-ENU free questions to help you test the real H12-261-ENU HCIE-R&S Written Exam. We share 25 free questions of New HCIE-R&S Written Exam H12-261-ENU Questions as listed:

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1. What are the common methods of learning routing information for BGP? (Multiple Choice)


2. Which of the following scenarios can an AS-path-filter be used for? (Multiple Choice)


3. ICMFV6 uses the type field to identify packet types. Based on values of the type field, ICMPv6 packets are classified into two types: error packets and information packets.


4. We can use basic community-filters or advanced community-filters to filter BGP routes.
Which of the following tools make the advanced community-filter more flexible than the basic community- filters?


5. Which of the following statements is true regarding OSPF adjacencies and link-state database synchronization?


6. When configuring Low Latency Queuing (LLQ), a bandwidth parameter is needed.
What does this parameter specify?


7. A DHCP server can allocate an IP address based on a host’s MAC address or the port of access switch the host connect to.


8. According to configurations in the following figure, the two routers can establish a normal IS-IS neighbor relationship.



9. An IPv6 device with the address of FC00::1 connects to the network and captures the following data packet.
What is function of the data packet?



10. Which of the following statements is true about the port mirroring on Huawei devices?


11. Which access control modes are provided by NAC? (Multiple Choice)


12. Which of the following route selection tools is BGP-specific?


13. HW is an ISP providing MPLS services according to RFC 4364 standards. By using a unique route distinguisher per VRF, this L3 VPN service provides the ability for which of the following?


14. A router running RIP Version 2 has two interfaces and has received RIP routing updates from its neighbors on both interfaces. The first interface receives a routing update for network with a metric of 3, the second interface also receives a routing update for network with a metric of 5.
Which interface(s) will the router select to forward packets to network


15. On an MPLS VPN network, some devices maintain VPN routing information and private network label information to ensure correct forwarding of VPN packets. These devices must run not only routing protocols, but also MP-BGP and MPLS protocols.
What type are these devices?


16. Which of the following statements are true about BGP4+ configurations? (Multiple Choice)


17. Routers HW1 and HW2 are IP Multicast routers. These routers use (S, G) entries for multicast packet forwarding.
Which of the following address types are used in the “S” entry?


18. Devices on the HW Multicast network must send source specific multicast (SSM) messages.
What range of IP multicast addresses are reserved by the IAN A for source-specific multicast?


19. When you perform troubleshooting on a LAN deployed with Huawei devices, you find that there is a large number of unicast frames with unknown MAC addresses.
What is the biggest risk for the switches?


20. Serial 0 on a router is an OSPF network in area 1. You configure serial 0 as silent.
What is the effect of this configuration change?


21. Which of the following is true about Class based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)?


22. An AS-path-filter uses the regular expression ^[0-9]+$ to indicate all as-path attributes.


23. Which of the following are valid IPv6 Address Types? (Multiple Choice)


24. In IPTV services, video streams are transmitted in multicast mode. When a user changes channels, the multicast traffic of the original TV program is still sent for a certain period. This situation worsens when the user frequently changes channels.
Which protocol is recommended to reduce the useless traffic?


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