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New HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511-ENU Test Prep

New exam questions were added to HCDAtest H13-511-ENU test prep on July 22, 2019. This new HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511-ENU test prep contains 605 real exam questions and verified answers, which is great for passing H13-511-ENU exam smoothly.

Here, HCDAtest wants to share 25 free demo questions to help you test new HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511-ENU test prep. Most of new questions are related to HCIA-Cloud Computing V4.0. Answer one question correctly, you can get 4 scores. The total score is 100. You can test before buying HCDAtest H13-511-ENU test prep. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. For scenes such as archives that need to store large amounts of data for a long time without frequently reading, which type of disk is recommended to choose?

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2. Which of the following is not included in the NAS architecture?

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3. The weakest data redundancy capability of the following RAID levels is ().

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4. In Huawei FusionCompute, which of the following can only be used as non-virtualized storage?

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5. Computational virtualization produces different classifications from different perspectives and can be divided into Type I and Type II virtualization, or it can be divided into full virtualization and paravirtualization.

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6. Virtualization technology can improve hardware resource utilization and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Cloud computing also has these advantages. Therefore, cloud computing and virtualization technologies are inseparable. However, cloud computing is not equal to virtualization.

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7. SATA disks are disks that use the parallel interface type, and SAS disks are disks that use the serial interface type.

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8. In Huawei FusionCompute, the way that users manage virtual machines is: (Multiple Choice)

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9. The correct description of the advantages of virtualization is: (Multiple Choice)

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10. Which of the following description of KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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11. In the Huawei FusionCompute architecture, the role of the Host Machine is:

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12. KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtual machines can be run on other virtualization platforms through format conversion.

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13. In the KVM type of virtualization, which of the following description is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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14. Which of the following belongs to the computing virtualization?

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15. In RAID 5 and RAID 6, the number of disks allowed to fail is ().

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16. In the development of the Internet, there are many milestones. In the following options, which order of the milestones is normal?

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17. Which of the following description about cloud computing is correct?

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18. Cloud computing is the product of the development of the Internet and computing technologies, so cloud computing must be inseparable from the network.

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19. In Huawei FusionCompute, the role of the uplink is ().

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20. Which of the following options belong to the cloud computing 1.0 era feature? (Multiple Choice)

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21. The memory resources and CPU resources used by VMs in Huawei FusionCompute can only be provided by the same cluster. Therefore, the maximum amount of computing resources that a virtual machine can use cannot exceed the sum of resources available to all hosts in the cluster.

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22. The correct description of the Host Machine and Guest Machine relationship is: (Multiple Choice)

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23. In Huawei FusionCompute, it does not support to adjust the specifications of the VM when clone a VM.

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24. When creating a port group in Huawei FusionCompute, which of the following operation is incorrect?

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25. In Huawei FusionCompute, the administrator can view the DVS port connected to the virtual machine.

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