12 Jul

Newly Released HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511-ENU Exam Questions

According to the feedback, we checked that H13-511-ENU exam questions have been changed. To keep the pace of real H13-511-ENU exam, we newly released HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511-ENU exam questions on July 11, 2019. It is sure that you can pass H13-511-ENU HCIA-Cloud Computing exam in the first try.

We share H13-511-ENU demo questions to help you check the new H13-511-ENU exam questions. There are 25 free questions online, answer each correctly can get 4 scores. The total score is 100. You will find that HCDAtest H13-511-ENU exam questions is worth buying. Any other questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. In order to solve the early problems of poor virtual desktop experience, poor compatibility, and difficult management, which of the following protocol does have independently developed by Huawei?

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2. An enterprise is ready to deploy the Huawei desktop cloud solution. The number of terminal users is about 800. Please recommend a deployment mode suitable for the enterprise.

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3. Which of the following descriptions of VRM is wrong?

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4. The TC device in Huawei's cloud computing solution supports multiple operating systems. Which operating system does the CT3100 support?

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5. In the process of installing FusionCompute, you need to set the IP address of the host management network port and the IP address of the VRM management. What is the correct description of the two?

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6. The virtual desktop list that the FusionAccess end user sees on the Web Interface page is actually stored in which component?

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7. You can install the FusionManager in multiple ways. When the FusionManager is deployed in a VMware virtualization environment, which method do you need to install?

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8. In Huawei's fusionsphere solution, if you want the virtual machine to automatically perform HA after the host is down, switch to another host. Which of the following conditions is not necessary?

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9. In the mode of the host storage virtualization layer + file system, after the storage device is mounted on the host, the file system is created on the mounted LUN.

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10. Which of the following descriptions of VPC is wrong?

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11. After the FusionManager monitors the server configuration, you can perform some maintenance actions on the hardware. Which of the following actions cannot be performed on hardware through FusionManager?

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12. In the operation and maintenance management tool of FusionSphere. the objects that can be monitored by the Alarm function do not include:

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13. After the VRM is deployed on the active and standby devices, you can access the FusionCompute through a floating IP address. The network is normal, the floating IP address can't access all the time, which of the following is the most likely point of failure?

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14. In Huawei FusionSphere, which of the following types of storage can be added as storage resources and associated to the host? (Multiple Choice)

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15. Where is the DRS feature turned on in FusionSphere?

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16. In the Huawei FusionSphere solution, when the compute node is powered off, the system can pull the virtual machine with the HA attribute on the compute node to other compute nodes. Which of the following options is not necessary to implement the function?

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17. Which of the following descriptions about VPC is wrong?

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18. Hypervisor is a middleware software layer running between the underlying physical server and the operating system, allowing multiple operating systems and applications to share hardware, and VMM is used to manage the Hypervisor.

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19. The FusionSphere solution virtualizes hardware resources by deploying virtualization software on the server, so that multiple physical server resources can be consolidated into one high-performance virtual machine to work.

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20. To monitor the server on the FusionManager needs to use the SNMP protocol or SSH protocol. Therefore, what basic information should be collected before accessing the server? (Multiple Choice)

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21. Cloud computing is a model, not just a technology, it can be either a business model or a service model.

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22. On the same host as Fusioncompute, the smart network card and the common network card cannot be mixed.

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23. One task in FusionAccess is an operation on the system. All tasks are managed by the FusionAccess task center and support the scheduled operation management of the task.

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24. When configuring FusionCompute, which function configuration does the modifying host storage multipath belong to?

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25. In the process of installing the FusionCompute CNA component using the ISO image file, which parameter cannot use the default value, must be manually configured?

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