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H12-931-ENU Exam Questions [2023] – Effective Way to Prepare For HCIE-Transmission (Written) Exam

Do you want to earn the HCIE-Transmission certification to prove your skills in the transmission network but you do not know how to start learning? We have updated the Huawei H12-931-ENU exam questions with great questions and answers. You can come to HCDAtest to get the materials and choose the effective way to prepare for the HCIE-Transmission (Written) exam. 

The H12-931-ENU HCIE-Transmission (Written) exam is great, we want to ensure that you can pass it successfully. The Huawei H12-931-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are available. We have free demo questions online to help you check the quality. Read the H12-931-ENU free online test to verify the Huawei H12-931-ENU exam questions. If you have any other questions, just contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. A certain network has 2,250 equivalent network elements of SDH series, 1,000 equivalent network elements of WDM series, and 1,000 equivalent network elements of router series. The customer purchased value-added functions such as SDH end-to-end, WDM end-to-end, and Corba northbound.
Regarding this network management deployment plan, which of the following is wrong?

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2. For NG-SDH equipment equipped with dual main control boards, when the main control board is upgraded, which of the following statements is correct?

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3. It is known that the GE optical interface technical indicators of a certain PTN equipment are as follows: average transmit optical power (dBm): -5~0, receive sensitivity (dBm): -23, minimum overload point (dBm): -3, minimum extinction ratio (dB): 9. For this optical interface, which of the following optical powers (dBm) is the most suitable received optical power?

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4. For 10G and coherent 100G mixed transmission systems, which of the following description is correct?

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5. Which step in the working principle of CORBA does getEventChannel belong to?

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6. When subnetting, which of the following addresses are legal subnet addresses? (Multiple choice)

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7. Create an upgrade task process, which of the following statement is wrong?

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8. Four network elements A, B, C, and D form a two-fiber bidirectional multiplex section shared protection ring, and there are a large number of PDH services between A and B. One day, the optical fiber between A and B is interrupted. In order to eliminate the R-LOS alarm on the network management system, an engineer performs a self-loop on the optical ports at both ends of the interrupted optical fiber. After 10 minutes by default, what will happen?

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9. Which of the following about system OSNR commissioning is wrong?

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10. Which of the following protections in microwave equipment does not require dual slots?

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11. Which of the following with the docking workflow between U2000 CORBA and OSS is wrong?

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12. The function of PW OAM is basically the same as that of Tunnel. The PW OAM mechanism can effectively detect, confirm and locate defects and faults originating from the PW layer network.
Which of the following functions are not available in PW OAM?

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13. In the Linux system, configure an IP address for the network card Eth0, and use which of the following command?

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14. Regarding the test items of IEEE 1588V2 time protection function, which statement is wrong?

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15. When Huawei OTN is interconnected with ZTE OTN equipment, the ODU0 and ODU1 time slots of Huawei OTN equipment adopt sequential mode. Which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

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16. In the 40-wavelength system of the WDM equipment, due to the aging of the optical cable of the customer, the optical cable between the 2# and 3# sites need to be replaced, and the 4# optical amplifier site needs to be added between 2# and 3#. Which of the following statements is correct?

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17. Regarding the electrical layer protection ODUk SNCP and branch SNCP, which item is different from the following description?

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18. There is a lower limit to the length of an Ethernet frame. What is the main reason for this?

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19. Which of the following are not precautions for the preliminary test?

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20. Using the integral method to measure the OSNR value of a 100G signal, the integrated value of the signal power + noise power in the channel interval read from the OSA is 9.68uW, the integrated value of the noise power in the channel interval is 29.58nW, and the signal center frequency is 0.1nm. The integrated power within is 7.395nW, then the OSNR value is?

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21. The LPT (Link Pass Through) function is applied to the scenario where WDM equipment accesses FE/GE/10GE LAN services. Which statement about LPT is correct? (Multiple choice)

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22. Which of the following descriptions of 100G system protection configuration is correct?

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23. What are the principles of synchronous Ethernet planning? (Multiple choice)

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24. Which of the following statements about PTN's VPLS technology is wrong?

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25. The IP address you use is, the subnet mask is, which subnet is your host on?

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