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Choose to Check Updated Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU Free Online Test: Your Good Materials for Preparation

You can have good materials to make preparation for the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 certification exam. We have updated the Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions to help you start learning the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 (Written) exam.

The most updated Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest have been verified as valid for learning. You can get 143 practice exam questions and answers in pdf and testing engine formats to prepare for your HCIE-Datacom V1.0 (Written) exam. You can choose to check our updated Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU free online test below. We have shared 25 free demo questions below to help you check the quality. If have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. When an NVE encapsulates a data frame into a VXLAN packet, information of which of the following protocols is encapsulated between the outer IP header and the VXLAN header?

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2. In a scenario where a VXLAN tunnel is dynamically established through BGP EVPN, which of the following fields is not carried in BGP EVPN Type 2 routes?

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3. A network administrator fails to access devices on the internal network through Telnet.
Which of the following causes is the most impossible?

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4. Which of the following items is not involved in dynamic data collection before a migration is performed?

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5. VXLAN identifies tenants using VNIs, which are 24 bits long. A tenant can have one or more VNIs, and VXLAN supports a maximum of 12 million tenants.

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6. If the ipv6 enable topology standard command is run in the IS-IS view, IPv4 and IPv6 share the same topology.

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7. Assume that the SRH of an SRv6 packet has five segment IDs.
When the packet arrives at the third endpoint, how many segment IDs does the SRH have?

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8. In a scenario where a VXLAN tunnel is dynamically established through BGP EVPN, BGP EVPN advertises the MAC address of a host to the remote VTEP through a Type 5 route.

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9. Which of the following is the drop probability of packets exceeding the upper threshold in WRED?

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10. An SRv6 Policy can be either statically configured on a device, or be delivered to a device after being dynamically generated by the controller.

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11. In BGP/MPLS IP VPN deployment, the address space of a site that is shared by two VPNs must not overlap with the address spaces used by other sites of the two VPNs, there is no any risk in this scenario.

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12. Network admission control can be deployed at different network layers based on actual network requirements. Deploying it at the access layer can achieve more granular permission management and higher network security than doing so at the aggregation or core layer.

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13. An SRLB is a set of user-specified local labels reserved for SR-MPLS. These labels are locally configured and have only local significance. Therefore, they are not advertised through the IGP

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14. As shown in the following figure, by using a route-policy changes the MED value of the route sent from R1 to R2, the network administrator can control the traffic through which path leaves AS 100.

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15. o prevent hackers from attacking user devices or networks using MAC addresses, you can configure MAC addresses of untrusted users as blackhole MAC addresses to filter out such invalid MAC addresses. When receiving a packet whose source or destination MAC address is a blackhole MAC address on a device, the device discards the packet.

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16. When you configure a virtualized campus network on iMaster NCE-Campus, creating a virtual network is equivalent to creating a VPN instance to isolate different services.

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17. On a virtualized campus network, all devices in a VXLAN domain must support VXLAN.

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18. On a CloudCampus virtualized campus network, virtual networks are defined based on services. Each virtual network corresponds to a service, and isolation needs to be manually configured between virtual networks.

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19. Portal authentication, also known as web authentication, is used to authenticate user identities on a web authentication page.
Which of the following statements about Portal authentication is incorrect?

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20. In a scenario where BGP EVPN is used to dynamically establish a VXLAN tunnel, which of the following statements is incorrect when EVPN Type 2 is used to advertise host ARP entries and IP routes?

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21. Which of the following steps is not mandatory when manually configuring an OSPF-based SR- MPLS BE tunnel?

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22. In the SSH algorithm negotiation phase, the SSH server and client exchange the list of algorithms that they support. The list of symmetric encryption algorithms of the SSH server is as follows: aes256-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes128-ctr, and aes256-cbc. The list of symmetric encryption algorithms of the SSH client is as follows: aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr, aes256-ctr, and aes256-cbc.
Which of the following symmetric encryption algorithms can be used by both the SSH server and client?

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23. Which of the following parameters is not included in an IPsec security association (SA)?

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24. Fabric nodes need to be planned during fabric design on a CloudCampus virtualized campus network.
Which of the following statements about node planning on a fabric is incorrect?

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25. Which of the following statements is incorrect about BGP/MPLS IP VPN data forwarding?

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