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Updated H12-425_V2.0-ENU Exam Questions: Your Best Materials for HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 Exam

Are you still looking for valid study materials to prepare for your HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 exam? You can focus on HCDAtest, we have updated Huawei H12-425_V2.0-ENU exam questions with 468 questions and answers. With the most updated H12-425_V2.0-ENU exam questions, you can pass your HCIP-Data Center Facility Deployment V2.0 exam on the first attempt.

You can read the Huawei H12-425_V2.0-ENU exam free test online here to check the quality of the updated exam questions. There are 33 free demo questions below in total, you can test them one by one here. If you have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. If the customer's load cannot be powered off, what should be paid attention to disconnecting the maintenance bypass switch after the maintenance is completed?

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2. The default battery charging voltage of UPS2000-G is () V/CELL.

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3. Which of the following features are standard features of NETCOL8000-C air conditioners?

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4. Which of the following descriptions for the configuration of the PDU8000 modular precision power distribution cabinet is correct?

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5. Three groups of 9AH battery packs are connected in parallel to UPS2000-G-6KVA, the battery capacity should be set to ().

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6. The straight pipe distance of NETCOL5000-C pipeline fixed title is ().

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7. When the outdoor units of Huawei air-cooled air conditioners are installed horizontally, the distance between the two outdoor units is ≥ () MM.

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8. When the internal short circuit of the battery occurs, the charging voltage of the faulty battery (), the open circuit voltage is low (generally less than 1V/CELL).

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9. In the naming of UPS5000-E-120K-HASBS, the meaning of the letter E is ().

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10. The () components of Huawei NETCOL5000-A in-line precision air conditioner are optional parts.

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11. The function of the check valve in the NetCol5000-A air conditioning system is ( ).

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12. The height of the ECC800 collector is () U.

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13. The terminal power of the battery in the open circuit state is called ().

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14. On the NETECO interface, a module can only bind () ECC800 devices.

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15. The maximum effective distance of WIFI supported by NETECO's mobile APP is () meters.

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16. Which is not part of the routine maintenance item of the ECC800 power module?

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17. In the battery model 6-GFM-150, the 150 mark is the ( ) of the battery.

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18. Modifying the micro-module layout view on ECC800 supports simultaneous editing by ( ) users.

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19. Which of the following air supply methods must have a reasonable raised floor height?

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20. The multi-function sensor in the modular channel of Fusion Module2000 can be connected to the () component.

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21. When the Huawei air-cooled air-conditioning compressor is turned on for the first time, the crankcase heating belt needs to be preheated for more than () hours.

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22. When creating a camera in NETECO, in addition to obtaining the IP address of the camera, you also need to obtain ().

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23. In the () setting interface, you can set the linkage rules of the multi-function sensor and the sunroof.

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24. The user can log in to the WEB interface of ( ) to view the operating status of the device in the micro-module.

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25. Users can modify the login password in the () menu of the ECC800 WEB interface.

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26. When installing NETECL5000-A35KW, generally at least pre-charge () KG refrigerant.

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27. When a user uses the NETECC APP on the PAD to query the PUE information in the current computer room, he needs to click the () menu.

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28. One NetCol520 chilled water distribution units can maximum support () NETCOL5000-C water-cooled row-level precision air conditioners.

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29. When the device interface uses the MODBUS-RTU protocol, ( ) needs to be installed when connecting to the ECC800.

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30. When a fire breaks out in the box and the fire extinguishing device releases the fire extinguishing agent into the protection area, ( ) will display the words "In The Vent, Do Not Enter".

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31. Which of the following air-conditioning systems need to be equipped with cooling towers and dry coolers?

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32. Regarding the integrated UPS5000-E120K-HASBS statements, which of the following is incorrect?

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33. When the battery status of the UPS2000G is NA, it may be ().

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