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11 Dec

Valid H35-511-ENU HCNP-GSM RNP&PNO Exam Questions

Planning for H35-511-ENU Huawei Certified Network Professional-GSM RNP&RNO exam? Valid H35-511-ENU HCNP-GSM RNP&PNO Exam Questions have been released on December 11, 2018, which contain real H35-511-ENU exam questions with accurate answers to ensure your success in Huawei H35-511-ENU Exam.

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Please try H35-511-ENU free questions to test the high quality of Valid H35-511-ENU HCNP-GSM RNP&PNO Exam Questions now. There are 20 free questions of the full H35-511-ENU exam questions. After you check all Huawei H35-511-ENU free questions, you will find you want to get the full version of HCNP-GSM RNP&PNO H35-511-ENU exam.

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1. The dropped call rate of a certain cell is relatively high. The original measurement performance statistics of the dropped call are analyzed and found that the main reason for the call drop is the wireless link failure (CONN FAIL). Which network parameters of the cell may be adjusted to solve the problem? (Multiple Choice)

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2. Which of the following parameters is not stored in the SIM card?

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3. A 2-frequency point configuration cell is configured with two SDCCHs. What is the maximum TCH traffic that can be theoretically carried without the half rate being turned on?

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4. In the GSM system, when the same frequency and the same BSIC appear in the network, which of the following conditions will result?

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5. BSC received a location update rejection, which is the impossible reason? (Multiple Choice)

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6. When the mobile phone is turned on or enters the coverage area from the blind spot, which of the following conditions must be met to make the mobile station reside in the cell? (Multiple Choice)

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7. In a local frequency plan, in addition to the main BCCH frequency, the 6M frequency band is allocated to the TCH, and 1x3 frequency hopping is used. To ensure that the same adjacent frequency crash does not occur in the same base station, what is the maximum station configuration?

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8. When the link budget is used, the customer requires an edge coverage probability of 50%. What is the correct description of the link? (Multiple Choice)

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9. What is the return loss when the standing wave ratio is 1.4?

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10. Which of the following situation occurs may trigger the cell reselection (if C2 algorithm has not been activated, C2=C1)? (Multiple Choice)

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11. Which of the following statements about dBi, dBd, dBc, dB is wrong? (Multiple Choice)

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12. Which of the following is the timer associated with the RadioLinkTimeOut timer setting?

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13. If want to set the cell selection priority of a cell to be normal and the cell reselection state to be normal, what should be the CBA (Cell Bar Allowed) and CBQ (Cell Bar Quality) set?

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14. If the isolation between the transmitting and receiving antennas of the repeater does not meet the requirements, the system will be self excitation.

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15. The switch of “BTS Measurement Report Pre-Processing” is turned on. When set to “Yes”, the Abis interface signaling and BSC load are reduced, which improves response time and network performance.

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16. For the GSM system, every how many ms the mobile phone provides a measurement report to the network in the call state, how many TCH multiframes are contained in?

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17. In the GPRS/EDGE system, when the network is running in mode II, the packet paging and circuit paging messages are sent through the CCCH channel.

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18. Dialogue system index "Uplink and Downlink Balance Measurement", what level does mean the true balance of the uplink and downlink?

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19. Which of the following formulas is correct?

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20. Since the MCS1-4 coding scheme in the EDG system also adopts the GMSK modulation scheme, the four coding schemes have the same data transmission rate as the CS1-4 coding scheme of the GPRS system.

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