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27 May

The Most Updated HCIA-Storage V4.0 H13-611-ENU Questions

You can choose the most updated HCIA-Storage V4.0 H13-611-ENU questions as the study materials today. We have released the updated exam questions and verified all the answers to ensure that you can pass Huawei HCIA-Storage V4.0 certification exam. 

New updated HCIA-Storage V4.0 H13-611-ENU questions with 489 practice exam questions and answers. All these H13-611-ENU exam questions are great for good preparation. Before you get the Huawei HCIA-Storage V4.0 H13-611-ENU questions, you can check free test online first. We share 25 practice exam questions online. Just check now. If have any other questions, just contact me freely: [email protected].

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1. What applies to unstructured data? (Multiple Choice)

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2. Regarding OceanStor V3 LUN deletion, what is wrong in the following description?

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3. In Huawei OceanStor storage devices, coffer disks are an optional configuration because the write cache has mirrors, and There is a backup power supply for the controller.

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4. About HUAWEI OceanStor V3, the following 2 statements:
Statement 1: With the SmartTier feature the SSD disks are in the Performance Tier.
Statement 2: No more than 3 tiers can exist in the OceanStor V3 storage arrays.

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5. The difference between DAS and SAN, which of the following descriptions is wrong?

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6. It is a hard-disk failure that occurs when a read-write head of a hard disk drive comes in contact with its rotating platter, resulting in permanent and usually irreparable damage to the magnetic media on the platter surface.
Which of the following fits the above description?

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7. When the RTO requirement is within 10 minutes, the traditional tape backup method is not recommended.

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8. Which of the following operating systems can access CIFS shares without installing additional software?

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9. In which stage of the lifecycle management of information and data, does the data management operation such as copying and backup occurs?

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10. In the Huawei OceanStor V3 storage system, a customer plans to deploy a business system, the database uses Oracle data, the average data block size is 16KB, when using SmartTier features, the following data migration granularity, the most
The advantages are:

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11. It is an electronic device controlled by a motor that moves the hard drive head arm.
Which of the following component fits the above description?

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12. Which of the following are deployment modes of cloud computing? (Multiple Choice)

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13. Which of the following statements about switched fabric topology in Fibre Channel SANs is NOT true?

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14. For the data stored on the medium, there is no need to physically crush or sell it as the data recorded on the paper
Ruined situation.

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15. LAN Free and Server Free are backup networking methods that have little impact on host performance.

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16. A device can have one WWPN but multiple WWNN's.

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17. What is the description of file-level HyperSnap feature data recovery in Huawei OceanStor V3 storage system, which
Are these correct? (Multiple choice)

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18. The maintenance network port is used, by the DeviceManager, for daily management.

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19. The following describes RAID 10, which are correct? (Multiple choice)

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20. The cloudification of IT architecture is from "separation" to "convergence".
What does convergence mean?

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21. Huawei V3 series storage system hardware includes controller enclosures and disk enclosures.
Which of the following statements about controller enclosures is correct?

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22. Statement 1: Virtual Tape libraries allow for a highly scaleable backup strategy as storage can be added later.
Statement 2: Virtual Tape Libraries should be used when remote datacenters are NOT available.

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23. Which module is not in the disk enclosure of a storage device?

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24. What are the challenges facing traditional data centers? (Multiple choice)

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25. In the LAN-Base networking, both the service flow and the data flow take the LAN network, and occupy a large bandwidth.

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11 Jul

2018 New H13-611-ENU HCNA-Storage 4.0 Free Online Test

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