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03 Jul

2019 New H12-223-ENU HCIP-Routing & Switching-IEEP Test Questions

Now you have completed H12-221-ENU and H12-222-ENU exams for HCIP-Routing&Switching certification, you can come to H12-223-ENU HCIP-Routing & Switching-IEEP V2.0 exam now. To keep pace with the latest H12-223-ENU exam, HCDAtest updated new H12-223-ENU HCIP-Routing&Switching test questions on July 3, 2019. It is the most updated version, which offers you more accurate H12-223-ENU test questions and answers for passing.

2019 New H12-223-ENU HCIP-Routing & Switching-IEEP Test Questions is the outstanding materials. The latest version contains 230 real questions and answers. Here we share 20 free demo questions online to eliminate your worries. We set 5 scores for each questions. The total score is 100. Just try testing H12-223-ENU free questions online. If have any other questions, just contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. DSVPN refers to a technology for dynamically establishing data forwarding channels between branches and branches in the Hub-Spoke network model.

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2. If the quantity of the goods and the packing list are not correct, you can open the box and check the goods before contacting the manufacturer.

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3. Which of the following is true when performing basic equipment information check?

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4. The OPTIONG field is set in the DHCP protocol. What is the role of the OPTION82 field?

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5. VRRP does not support authentication.

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6. Which of the following tasks is not part of the system debugging in software debugging?

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7. When the network administrator tried to advertise Telnet access to the internal network device, it found that it could not be accessed. Which of the following is the most unlikely cause?

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8. There is no concept of forwarding plane, control plane and management plane in traditional IP network.

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9. What should be paid attention to during the deployment of optical fiber? (Multiple Choice)

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10. Matrix switches use distributed switching to exchange data between multiple interfaces simultaneously.

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11. Regarding the SYS indicator on the AR G3 device, the correct statement is: (Multiple Choice)

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12. The command to query the NAT translation result on the firewall is:

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13. Which of the following logs are used to record the occurrence of eSight, such as eSight run abnormally, network malfunction, eSight under attack for analyzing the running status of the eSight and troubleshooting?

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14. The stateful monitoring firewall uses the session table to track active TCP sessions and UDP sessions, and the firewall security policy determines which sessions are established, and the packets are only forwarded when they are associated with the session.

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15. After the VRRP backup group is faulty, you can run the display this command on the VLANIF interface of the VRRP backup group. Which of the following statements is wrong?

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16. Layer 2 loops in the network often cause equipment downtime. The three-layer loop is generally only an increase in CPU load, mainly because the three-layer loop can be be mitigated by which mechanisms of the following?

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17. When the BGP routing protocol is configured on the network, you can see a routing entry by using the command to view the BGP routing table on the router. However, the BGP route cannot be found in the global routing table of the router. The possible causes are: (Multiple Choice)

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18. eSight uses different colors to distinguish different alarm levels, red represents emergency, orange represents importance, yellow represents secondary, and blue represents prompt.
Which of the following statements about different alarm levels are correct? (Multiple Choice)

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19. It has been found that the occurrence of VRRP dual master in a local area network causes traffic to be interrupted from time to time. What are the possible reasons for the VRRP dual master? (Multiple Choice)

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20. Which three parts do the project TCO mainly contain?

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