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10 May

Huawei H13-831 Free Online Test – HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0

Achieving HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0 certification needs to pass Huawei H13-831 exam. To help candidates prepare for the HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0 H13-831 exam well, we have released new H13-831 exam questions online as good preparation materials.

Totally there are 274 practice exam questions in Hcdatest H13-831 exam preparation. You will be encouraged to read all of them thoroughly, we ensure that you can pass the HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V1.0 certification exam in the first try. We also have H13-831 free demo questions online, you can test Huawei H13-831 free online test before getting H13-831 exam questions. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. User use Huawei cloud DRS services, which can quickly migrate local database or RDS instance to another RDS instance, which of the following is not the migration patterns that DRS supported?

2. Which of the following situations is not suitable for using the HUAWEI CLOUD SMS host migration service? (Multiple choice)

3. When users use HUAWEI CLOUD OMS to migrate object storage, if the destination has a migration object with the same name as the source, which of the following scenarios will overwrite data? (Multiple choice)

4. When the user uses the HUAWEI CLOUD SMS to migrate the host, the migration task interface shows that it is successfully completed, but the customer does find that the target end is 20G less data than the source end. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple choice)

5. Users can build their own virtual clusters on the BMS bare metal servers they have purchased.

6. When a company chooses to use VPN to access resources on the cloud, it needs to have a fixed public IP address to establish a connection with Huawei Cloud.

7. HUAWEI CLOUD general-purpose computing ECS elastic cloud server monopolizes CPU resources.

8. During the process of using the Huawei Cloud SMS service to migrate the host, if the user reconnects after the network is interrupted, the previously migrated data also needs to be re-migrated.

9. HUAWEI CLOUD EVS service supports the conversion of disk types from ordinary IO disks to ultra-high IO disks.

10. HUAWEI CLOUD has introduced Kata container technology in the CCI service to improve the security of single-container instances. Which of the following descriptions of Kata containers is correct?

11. Which of the following scenarios reflects the design principles of lightweight communication microservices?

12. Using HUAWEI CLOUD's dedicated cloud line, users can realize the interconnection and private network communication between the private network and the VPC. Which of the following scenarios can be interconnected through the cloud dedicated line? (Multiple choice)

13. HUAWEI CLOUD ELB is a service that distributes traffic to multiple ECS instances and supports Layer 4 and Layer 7 forwarding protocols. When the seven-layer service is loaded, which of the following methods is mainly used to distribute traffic to ECS instances? (Multiple choice)

14. Which of the following features does the HUAWEI CLOUD BMS bare metal service support? (Multiple choice)

15. When users use HUAWEI CLOUD DRS to migrate MySQL database to RDS for MySQL, which of the following network types can be chose? (Multiple choice)

16. When users use HUAWEI CLOUD DRS to migrate MySQL database to RDS for MySQL, which of the following network types can be chose? (Multiple choice)

17. In the product architecture of HUAWEI CLOUD Application Operation and Maintenance Management AOM, which of the following data storage can be supported at the storage and transmission layer? (Multiple choice)

18. Which of the following scenarios are the Spark components in the Huawei Cloud MRS service applicable to? (Multiple choice)

19. What levels of high availability does Huawei Cloud RDS cloud database support? (Multiple choice)

20. HUAWEI CLOUD Application Operations Management (AOM) is centered on cloud applications and provides a one-stop three-dimensional operation and maintenance platform for enterprise applications.


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