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17 Jul

Updated H13-821-ENU Exam Questions For HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 Exam

The most updated H13-821-ENU exam questions were available on July 16, 2020 for your HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect V2.0 certification exam. New H13-821-ENU exam questions are great to ensure that you can pass Huawei HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect H13-821-ENU exam.

New version of Huawei H13-821-ENU exam questions contains 395 exam questions and answers. Here, we are offering Huawei H13-821-ENU free demo questions online to highly recommend you to read before taking HCDAtest H13-821-ENU exam questions. There are 25 free demo questions online, which help you test the most updated H13-821-ENU exam questions online. If have any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. Which of the following features does the Huawei Cloud Web Application Firewall support? (Multiple Choice)

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2. Which of the following is not the security isolation technology used by Huawei Cloud Platform Virtualization?

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3. According to the definition of CNCF, which of the following options are representative technologies of cloud native? (Multiple choices)

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4. Which type of storage service does Huawei Cloud Container not support?

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5. The main function of the cloud bastion machine service is to prevent the security risks generated by the host system from being attacked

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6. The application and RDS instance are isolated in the same subnet by default.

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7. The container image is a standard format released by the container application. The user can build an image package through the Dockerfile.

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8. Which of the following is the correct step to create a stateless workload?

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9. The tenant uses the ELB service on Huawei Cloud to provide external services. The backend runs two c6. large. 2 (2U|4G) flexible cloud server. Later, due to business expansion, two new C6 were added. xlarge. 4 (4U] 16G) flexible cloud server. For flexible servers with different specifications under the same listener, it is recommended to use weighted polling or the minimum connection algorithm to achieve service load balancing.

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10. Which of the following methods can tenants find the reason for the slow query of RDS database? (Multiple Choice)

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11. Which of the following types of protocols does the Huawei Cloud ELB layer 4 load balancing instance support? (Multiple Choice)

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12. The enterprise has purchased a fixed-bandwidth product with a yearly package. Due to the increase in traffic on the Double Eleven service, it is necessary to temporarily upgrade the bandwidth for 3 days. Which of the following options is the most suitable solution?

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13. Which of the following public network bandwidth billing modes does Huawei Cloud support? (Multiple Choice)

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14. Which of the following options can realize the backup data of offline VMware virtualization environment to the cloud?

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15. The tenant can complete data archiving based on Huawei Cloud Object Storage Service.

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16. RDS for MySQL can realize storage expansion without interrupting business.

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17. Which of the following scenarios can tenants be recommended to use OBS to complete data storage and distribution? (Multiple Choice)

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18. Which of the following applications are suitable for running on a general-computing ECS instance? (Multiple choice)

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19. A tenant needs to build a small forum based on Huawei Cloud. It is recommended that the tenant buy a C6/64U|256G elastic cloud server instance.

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20. In order to support the database of the million-level online game server, it is recommended that tenants purchase s6/4U|8G elastic cloud server instances for hosting mysql database applications.

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21. An enterprise builds a video-on-demand system based on Huawei Cloud. Which of the following types of cloud services is recommended? (Multiple Choice)
Cloud service?

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22. Which of the following options is not the type of ECS instance?

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23. Container technology is a virtualization scheme based on KVM technology, which can virtualize more fine-grained resource units.

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24. Tenants need to upload 100TB of data to Huawei Cloud. Which one of the following services is recommended for tenants to complete data transmission?

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25. When using Huawei Cloud Distributed Database Middleware DDM service, which of the following order is correct?

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