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14 Mar

Updated H13-531-ENU Test Questions – Read H13-531-ENU Free Test Online First

To pass HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531-ENU exam successfully, you will be highly recommended to choose the valid study materials online. Huawei H13-531-ENU test questions have been updated by HCDAtest, which could be the perfect resource for candidates to pass HCIE-Cloud Computing (Written) H13-531-ENU exam without any difficulties. 

For helping candidates check the high-quality of H13-531-ENU test questions, we have Huawei H13-531-ENU free test online as the demo questions. Here we share 25 free questions, you can test them one by one and get the scores. Any other questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. In Fusion Compute, what is the correct connection relationship of virtual network interfaces?

Question 1 of 25

2. Failed to install Fusion Compute system using tools, what are the possible reasons? (Multiple choices)

Question 2 of 25

3. Which of the following batch operations cannot be performed by Fusion Compute?

Question 3 of 25

4. Which of the following protocols is used by the load balancer to distribute requests to different components?

Question 4 of 25

5. Which of the following belong to HDP 3D graphics display technology? (Multiple choice)

Question 5 of 25

6. Regarding the description of the disadvantages of PColP desktop cloud protocol, which of the following is incorrect?

Question 6 of 25

7. Which of the following descriptions about virtual machines are true? (Multiple choice)

Question 7 of 25

8. Which of the following description about the VM NICS in the Fusion Compute is incorrect?

Question 8 of 25

9. Which of the following is not true in the Fusion Compute system?

Question 9 of 25

10. Which items are correct about the description of the vhd file of the virtual machine template? (Multiple choice)

Question 10 of 25

11. In Fusion Compute, which of the following description about the virtual machine templates is incorrect?

Question 11 of 25

12. What are the scenarios in which virtual machines in Fusion Compute cannot perform live migration? (Multiple choices)

Question 12 of 25

13. Regarding the description of storage live migration, which of the following is incorrect?

Question 13 of 25

14. Which memory multiplexing technology can reclaim the physical memory temporarily unused by the virtual machine, and allocate the virtual machine that needs to reuse the memory?

Question 14 of 25

15. Regarding the description of virtio, which of the following is incorrect?

Question 15 of 25

16. Which of the following disk modes can be used to store users' personal data and share them among multiple virtual machines like a U disk?

Question 16 of 25

17. In Huawei's computing virtualization technology, which of the following features does the memory QoS function include? (Multiple choice)

Question 17 of 25

18. When the disk mode of VM is the slave type in the Fusion Compute, which of the following is the correct description?

Question 18 of 25

19. In Fusion Compute, when data is sent from the VM and passes through the port group of the virtual switch, it will be processed according to the settings. What are the specific processes? (Multiple choice)

Question 19 of 25

20. In computing virtualization, which is the correct description of memory usage? (Multiple choice)

Question 20 of 25

21. Regarding the description of the Fusion Compute memory multiplexing, which of the following is incorrect?

Question 21 of 25

22. What are the functions of CNA in Fusion Compute? (Multiple choice)

Question 22 of 25

23. The storage resources in Fusion Compute correspond to IP-SAN, FC-SAN, NAS, Fusion Storage, and local hard disks.

Question 23 of 25

24. What are the features supported by Fusion Compute? (Multiple choice)

Question 24 of 25

25. On Fusion Compute, the prerequisite for the DPM function to be available is that the BIMC information of the host is configured.

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24 Jan

H13-531-ENU HCIE Cloud Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert -cloud

Please prepare for HCIE-Cloud(Written) H13-531-ENU Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert -cloud exam with real Huawei H13-531 HCIE-Cloud(Written) exam questions. We ensure you pass HCIE-Cloud(Written) Certification H13-531 exam smoothly. Here we recommend you test Huawei HCIE-Cloud(Written) H13-531-ENU Free Online Test first.

We will provide 10 questions for HCIE Cloud H13-531-ENU Written Certification exam. You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 156 questions. And all your real questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps. If you want to purchase the full version 156 questions please go to our Shop page or click “I want to buy full version“. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions. 100% pass guaranteed!

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Please go to H13-531-ENU HCIE Cloud Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert -cloud to view this quiz


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