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24 Dec

HCIA-Datacom Certification Exam H12-811-ENU Free Online Test

We can ensure that you can pass H12-811-ENU HCIA-Datacom certification exam successfully. All because that HCDAtest have released the real H12-811-ENU exam questions with the verified answers online today. With the great Huawei H12-811-ENU exam questions, you can get success smoothly.

Real Huawei HCIA-Datacom certification H12-811-ENU exam preparation contain 457 practice exam questions and answers. Here, we will share 25 free demo questions. HCIA-Datacom Certification Exam H12-811-ENU Free Online Test help you test the high-quality, then you will find HCDAtest H12-811-ENU test questions are so great. If have any questions, please contact me freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. Which of the following does not be included in AAA?

2. On Huawei ARG3 series routers, what authentication modes does AAA support? (Multiple Choice)

3. Which of the following protocols consist of the PPP protocol? (Multiple Choice)

4. Which of the following statements about Prefix Segment is wrong?

5. Which of the following statements about Prefix Segment is wrong?

6. The network administrator created VLAN 10 on the Layer 3 switch and configured an IP address under the virtual interface of the VLAN. When the command "display ip interface brief" is used to check the port status, it is found that the VLANIF 10 interface is in the down state. What should be done to restore the VLANIF 10 interface to normal?

7. When the Trunk port send the data frame, how to deal with?

8. All ports on the root-bridge switch are designated ports.

9. In the configuration BPDU sent by the switch, which bridge ID is unlikely to appear?

10. How many bits are there in the VLAN ID in the VLAN format defined by IEEE802.1Q?

11. The number of VLANs that can be created using the commands "vlan batch 10 20" and "vlan batch 10 to 20" respectively is

12. By default, the root path cost of the root bridge in the STP protocol must be 0.

13. The administrator wants all hosts to be unable to access the Internet between 8:00-17:00 every day, so which ACL rule needs to be bound to the traffic-filter outbound in the GO/0/1 interface allocation?

14. After the administrator successfully logs in to the router through Telnet, and finds that the router's interface IP address cannot be allocated, the possible reasons are ()

15. vty configuration as shown in the figure, the user authority level is set to level 3.
[Huawei]user-interface vty o 14
[Huawei-ul-vtyo-14]acl 200o inbound
[Huavei-ui-vtyo-14]user privilege level 3
[Huavei-ui-vtyo-14]authentication-node password Please configure the login password (maxim length 16):huawei

16. What percentage does the DHCP client expect to send the lease renewal message for the first time?

17. When AP and AC are on different Layer 3 networks, what method is recommended for AP to discover AC? (Multiple Choice)

18. What frequency does IEEE 802.11n support? (Multiple Choice)

19. In IPv4 networks, AP supports static and DHCP methods to obtain IP addresses.

20. What is the maximum negotiation rate supported by the IEEE 802.llg standard?

21. Which WLAN security policies support the link authentication method of Open mode? (Multiple Choice)

22. Which of the following SNMP packets are sent to the NMS by the Agent on the managed device?

23. Which of the following statements about RA and RS in IPv6 are correct? (Multiple Choice)

24. Telnetlib is a module that implements the Telnet protocol that comes with Python.

25. The controller is the core component of SDN. The controller connects to the device through the southbound interface. Which of the following belong to the controller southbound protocol? (Multiple Choice)


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