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11 May

[May 2018] New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS Free Online Test

Good News: New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS exam questions have been updated on May.11, 2018. With latest H12-722-ENU exam questions and answers, you can completed your H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS (Huawei Certified Network Professional -Constructing Terminal Security System) exam.

HCDATEST has released New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS Free Online Test to help you test H12-722-ENU exam online. There are 25 free online test questions for testing New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS exam. Answer one free online question correctly will get 4 score. The total is 100 score. Before deciding to hold full version of New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS exam questions, please test HCDATEST New H12-722-ENU HCNP-Security-CTSS Free Online Test now.

Begin to Test:

1. If the user's FTP operation matches the FTP filtering policy, which actions can be performed? (Multiple choice)

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2. About firewalls and IDS, which of the following is true?

Question 2 of 25

3. Which of the following attack types is DDoS attack?

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4. Why APT attacks are difficult to defend? Part of the reason is that they use zero-day loopholes to attack. This zero-day loopholes usually takes a lot of time to research and analyze and make corresponding defense methods.

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5. The whitelist rule of the firewall antivirus module is configured as *example*. Which of the following matches is used in this configuration?

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6. UDP is a connectionless protocol. A large number of UDP flood attacks cause the performance of network devices that rely on session forwarding to be degraded and even the session table is exhausted, causing network congestion.
Which of the following options does not prevent UDP flood attacks?

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7. Regarding the process of file filtering, which of the following statements is wrong?

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8. Huawei WAF products mainly consist of implementing front-end, back-end central systems and databases. The database mainly stores the front-end detection rules and black and white list configuration files.

Question 8 of 25

9. Misuse detection discovers intrusion activity in system by detecting similar behaviors of user intrusions, or by detecting violations of system security rules indirectly by exploiting system flaws.
Which of the following is not misuse detection feature?

Question 9 of 25

10. Huawei NIP6000 products have zero-setting network parameters and plug-and-play functionality because interfaces pairs only work on Layer 2 and do not need to set IP address.

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11. During the infiltration phase of APT attack, which of the following attack behaviors will the attacker generally have?

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12. What are the risks to information security caused by unauthorized access? (Multiple choices)

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13. Network attacks are classified into two types: single-packet attacks and traffic-based attacks. Single-packet attacks include scanning and snooping attacks, malformed packet attacks and special packet attacks.

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14. Which of the following attacks are belong to attacks against Web servers? (Multiple choices)

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15. Which of the following is correct configuration strategy for anti-virus policy?
1. Load feature library
2. Configure security policy and reference AV profile
3. Apply and activate license
4. Configure AV Profile
5. Submit

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16. In the security protection system of cloud era, reforms must be carried out in advance, in the event, and afterwards, and continuous improvement and development of closed loops must be formed.
Which of the following key points should be fulfilled in "in the matter"? (Multiple choices)

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17. Huawei NIP6000 products provide carrier-grade high-reliability mechanisms at multiple levels to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
Which of the following options belong to the reliability of the network? (Multiple choices)

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18. Which of the following are the common causes of IPS detection failures? (Multiple choices)

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19. About the description of the file filtering technology in the USG6000, which statement is wrong?

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20. About the anti-virus gateways based on flow-scanning, which of the following statement is wrong?

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21. For the description of the DNS Request Flood attack, which of the following option is correct?

Question 21 of 25

22. Which of the following statements is wrong about anti-spam answerback codes?

Question 22 of 25

23. The configuration commands for enabling the attack defense function are as follows:
[FW] anti-ddos syn-flood source-detect
[FW] anti-ddos udp-flood dynamic-fingerprint-learn
[FW] anti-ddos udp-frag-flood dynamic-fingerprint-learn
[FW] anti-ddos http-flood defend alert-rate 2000
[FW] anti-ddos http-flood source-detect mode basic
Which of the following are the correct descriptions of the attack prevention configuration? (Multiple Choices)

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24. The application behavior control configuration file takes effect immediately after reference, without configuring the submission.

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25. Which of the following are true about the description of keywords? (Multiple Choices)

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