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19 Nov

New HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 Exam H12-321_V1.0-ENU FREE Test Online

HCIP-WLAN V1.0 is the current version, which requires to complete H12-321_V1.0-ENU HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 and H12-322_V1.0-ENU HCIP-WLAN-POEW V1.0 exams successfully. To ensure that you can get success, HCDAtest has released new H12-321_V1.0-ENU exam questions to help you prepare for HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 certification exam well.

New HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0  H12-321_V1.0-ENU exam questions coming with real questions and precise answers are the best preparation materials for learning before taking actual H12-321_V1.0-ENU exam. We have have H12-321_V1.0-ENU free test online offering 25 free demo questions to help you check the quality of New HCIP-WLAN-CEWA V1.0 Exam H12-321_V1.0-ENU exam questions. Any other questions, please contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. Regarding the establishment process of the standby CAPWAP link, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

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2. Which of the following descriptions of Mesh security templates are correct? (Multiple choice)

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3. Regarding the processing of the WLAN dual-system hot backup to the server, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

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4. When the coverage area of 2.4GHz band 1 channel interference is more and serious, adjusting the equipment to 3 channels can effectively reduce the interference.

Question 4 of 25

5. Among the following options, () is a prerequisite for enabling Huawei's load balancing function.

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6. AC executes the load balancing process according to () information.

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7. Metal objects have a greater attenuation effect on wireless signals. APs or antennas should be avoided behind metal ceilings.

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8. The gain of the antenna can be explained ().

Question 8 of 25

9. The lobe width is a very important parameter commonly used in directional antennas. It refers to the width of the angle formed by the antenna's radiation pattern below the peak () dB.

Question 9 of 25

10. The port number of the control message of the CAPWAP tunnel protocol is ().

Question 10 of 25

11. Among the following priority queues, the () queue has the highest default priority.

Question 11 of 25

12. Which of the following description of TKIP encryption is wrong?

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13. If the terminal supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz functions, the AP can be configured to control this terminal to preferentially access 5GHz.

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14. WEP encryption data algorithm adopts () algorithm.

Question 14 of 25

15. AAA is a management framework, which is more commonly used () protocol to achieve.

Question 15 of 25

16. Which statement about power adjustment is wrong?

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17. In the 802.11s routing protocol, which of the following is not a routing management frame?

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18. Provide WLAN Internet services in public places such as banks and airports, and users can access the Internet after searching for the SSID. However, if there is a private AP and an SSID that is the same as or similar to the legal SSID is set, the user may access the private AP by mistake when searching for the SSID, which may pose a security risk.
In order to solve this problem, what function can be used?

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19. Which of the following terminal access is most suitable for MAC authentication?

Question 19 of 25

20. Which of the following commands can be used to view the AP group or AP personality template information of the specified Mesh template?

Question 20 of 25

21. In a WLAN network that uses the Agile Controller as the admission controller, which of the following options is not the cause of the 802.1x authentication failure?

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22. The following () service model can provide end-to-end QoS services, but the scalability is not good.

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23. When PPPoE authentication is used in WLAN, it has nothing to do with the authentication encryption adopted by the WLAN itself.

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24. After enabling user CAC, it is set to limit the number of users based on channel utilization. Assuming that the current channel utilization exceeds the configured threshold, the AP will not only reject the association of new terminals, but also kick existing terminals Line until the channel utilization is below the threshold.

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25. Which of the following statements about Mesh RF parameters are correct? (Multiple choice)

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27 Jun

H35-321, H35-620, H35-511, H12-322 and H12-321 exams are released

To all customers: We just release some new exams yesterday. If you are our old customer, then you should know what it means. Yes, still, they are all real questions which will appear in your exam.

All your questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps, question pool. All what you need to do is just memorize all these questions and the answers. The detailed exam information is as follows:

H35-321 Huawei Certified Network Professional-NGN
H35-620 Huawei Certified Network Associate-Hybrid Power Supply
H35-511 Huawei Certified Network Professional-GSM RNP&RNO
H12-322 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Wireless Local Area Network- Planning and Optimizing
H12-321 Huawei Certified Network Professional – Wireless Local Area Network- Constructing Enterprise

We haven’t published them on our site. If you need any of them please send an email to us [email protected]

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