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Read H13-811_V3.0-ENU Free Online Test – Updated H13-811_V3.0-ENU Exam Questions Are Valid For Preparation

Your preparation for HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 certification exam will be guaranteed. We have updated H13-811_V3.0-ENU exam questions with valid questions and answers for your preparation. 

Updated Huawei H13-811_V3.0-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest have been verified as the valid study materials for passing the HCIA-Cloud Service V3.0 certification exam. We have H13-811_V3.0-ENU free online test here, you can read the 25 free demo questions below to check the quality of the most updated H13-811_V3.0-ENU exam questions. If have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. Which of the following descriptions about the log group of HUAWEI CLOUD Log Service is wrong?

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2. Which of the following is not a key performance feature of Cloud database RDS?

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3. Cloud computing is the product of the development of the Internet and computing technology, so cloud computing must be inseparable from the network.

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4. Which of the following descriptions about the bucket in HUAWEI CLOUD Object Storage Service OBS is wrong?

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5. Cloud hard disk is not suitable for data storage in which of the following application scenarios?

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6. Which of the following is not a concept in HUAWEI CLOUD Object Storage Service OBS?

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7. When HUAWEI CLOUD tenants upload objects using the object storage service, which of the following configuration items do not need to be set?

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8. Which of the following descriptions about the domain name hierarchy is incorrect?

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9. When configuring the elastic load balancing ELB service in HUAWEI CLOUD, the allocation strategy used is the weighted round-robin algorithm. There are 2 ECSs in the backend server group. The weight of ECS 1 is 2, and the weight of ECS-2 is 1.
There are currently 6 user requests forwarded to the backend server group. How many requests do ECS-1 and ECS-2 need to process?

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10. Users can take snapshots of cloud disks mounted on ECS. Where will the snapshot data be stored?

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11. A company's video website is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD, and it has purchased a public domain name resolution service to provide services to the outside world. During use, it is found that users who access the website through operator B complain that the website access speed is slow, while operators A and C The speed of accessing the website is normal. Which of the following methods is the most effective way to solve this problem?

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12. Which of the following options is the smallest unit of Kubernetes creation, management, and scheduling?

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13. Which of the following descriptions about the "expected number of instances" in the elastic scaling service is wrong?

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14. Which of the following descriptions about the characteristics of cloud computing scenarios is wrong?

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15. In order to facilitate subsequent security analysis and problem location of resources on the cloud, a customer dumped the cloud audited event files into the 0BS bucket. Which of the following storage types is suitable for storing CIS event files?

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16. Cloud computing has finally established its current business model after a long period of development since its birth. Which of the following does not belong to the computing model of cloud computing?

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17. Which of the following descriptions about PostgreSQL on HUAWEI CLOUD database is wrong?

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18. In order for a user to remotely connect to an ECS with a Linux operating system through SSH, which of the following ports needs to be opened in the inbound direction of the security group?

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19. Which of the following descriptions about Cloud Log Service LIS is wrong?

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20. Which of the following descriptions about public cloud virtual private network VPN is wrong?

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21. Engineer A has deployed Nginx services through containers and virtual machines respectively. Which of the following descriptions about the comparison of containers and virtual machines in this scenario is wrong?

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22. Compared with SAN, which of the following is not an advantage of NAS?

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23. When the cloud disk is in which of the following states, a cloud disk backup can be created?

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24. The cloud private line service is a private line network service that establishes a connection between the local data center and the public cloud. What type of private line does the cloud private line only support?

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25. HUAWEI CLOUD provides three billing methods: on-demand, package period (monthly, yearly), and bidding, allowing users to flexibly choose to purchase elastic cloud servers. Among them, only on-demand billing can save costs.

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