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New H13-431-ENU HCIE-DC Free Online Test

If looking for new HCIE-DC Certification H13-431-ENU exam questions for H13-431-ENU HCIE-DC (Written)(Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Data Center) exam, please choose HCDATEST H13-431-ENU test questions now. HCDATEST has released new H13-431-ENU test questions, which will ensure you pass HCIE-DC H13-431-ENU exam.

HCDATEST offers valid H13-431-ENU exam questions to ensure that you can pass H13-431-ENU exam with 100% passing guarantee. Here, we share 20 free questions as Huawei HCIE-DC H13-431-ENU Free online Test, You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. You can test these 20 free questions to feel the high quality of HCDATEST H13-431-ENU exam dumps.

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1. eBackup is a backup software which is developed by Huawei own for cloud and virtualized environments, which kinds of the following scenario data can be full protected by eBackup? (Multiple Choice)

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2. When the FusionSphere OpenStack control node stores the partition plan, which partition does the storage space required by system software package be located in?

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3. In an operator data center, due to the tenant's renewal and de-lease, the rack resource fragment is formed. In the Huawei SDN solution network virtualization scenario, which is the correct description of the rack rental solution? (Multiple Choice)

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4. When deploying a 10*900G disk RH2288H V3 server as one of the FusionSphere OpenStack control nodes, it is recommended that all disk groups be RAID1 before deployment.

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5. If a VPC in a Huawei ManageOne Converged Resource Pool scenario uses a routed network, which of the following options is not a prerequisite?

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6. In a cloud network integration environment, a tenant can only have one virtual machine firewall.

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7. In the cloud data center scenario, which of the following services can be applied under the VPC? (Multiple Choice)

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8. Which of the following operations can be performed on the file system by administrators and business group users in the FusionStorage system? (Multiple Choice)

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9. About the description of the Huawei SDN solution Overaly technology VXLAN protocol, which is wrong?

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10. Which of the following are the common views of FusionStorage? (Multiple Choice)

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11. About the description of dual-active data center network architecture, which of the following is wrong?

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12. Which of the following is a correct explanation of the terms of VAS in the Huawei Cloud Data Center?

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13. Which of the following is not a consideration when planning for available partitions in a cloud data center scenario?

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14. About the deployment of the host security solution, which is the correct description? (Multiple Choice)

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15. In the Huawei SDN solution network virtualization scenario, what is wrong description of the rack rental service?

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16. In the Huawei SDN cloud network integration solution, the cloud platform uses the RESTful interface to let LBaaS plug-in pass away Agent to distribute configuration to LB devices.

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17. In the Huawei SDN solution, the Overlay network uses the VXLAN protocol. What is the correct description of its control plane? (Multiple Choice)

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18. In the Huawei SDN solution, which description of the flexible resource pool is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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19. Which of the following grade-based security protection has been added new content related to virtualization security?

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20. About the description of deployment of Huawei dual active data center network layer, which is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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