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Get a Free Preview of Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU Exam with Our H12-891_V1.0-ENU Demo Questions

Are you preparing for the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam? To help candidates prepare for the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam well, we have updated the Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions today with great questions and answers.

To help you check the quality of the Huawei H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions, we are offering a free demo of the H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam questions. With the H12-891_V1.0-ENU free test online, you will have a glimpse of what to expect in the actual exam. This is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and check the level of difficulty of the questions. So don’t miss out on this chance and take the demo now to boost your confidence for the H12-891_V1.0-ENU exam. If have any questions, just try to contact us via mail: [email protected].

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1. The following statement about the alliance is correct? (Single choice questions).

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2. For Layer 2 VPN technology, the following statement is correct? Multi-select

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3. After configuring the VLAN-based MAC address drift detection function, if the MAC address drifts, you can configure the actions of the interface according to your needs.
Which of the following is not a configurable action?

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4. If a DR needs to be elected between multicast routers running PIM-SM to be responsible for the sending and receiving of source or member multicast data, which one is described correctly below for the DR election rule?

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5. IPV6 multicast introduces the concept of multicast scope, which of the following ways is the multicast scope concept implemented? Multi-select

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6. In RSTP, which port provides a backup path to reach the root node of the spanning tree?
What state is the port in?

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7. XLAN uses BGP EVPN to establish a tunnel, what type of message is used? (Single choice questions).

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8. Is the following description of ospf virtual links correct?

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9. Which of the following messages does the BGP protocol support?

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10. The following description of Filter-Policy is correct? (Radio).

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11. The following description of the link state protocol is plausible?

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12. If the Option field value in the 0SPFv3 Hello message issued by the router's GIgabit Ethermet0/0 interface is 0x000013, the following description is correct

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13. After BGP introduces routes for other protocols, the next hop in the BGP routing table is consistent with the next hop of the introduced routing protocol

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14. How do 8021w and 8021D handle BPDUs?

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15. As a network administrator, which of the following protocols can I use for network device configuration?

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16. Which of the following IEEE standards is specific to Gigabit Ethernet?

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17. The BSR/RP mechanism described below describes the correct determination? (Multiple choice questions).
There can be multiple C-BSRs in the

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18. MSTP switches treat RSTP switches as MSTP domains, MSTP, which are formed by a single switch. The interchange resolves the RSTBPDU to MSTBPDU, where IRPC is 0

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19. CMPv6 uses the Type field to identify the message type, and according to the value of the type field, we can divide the ICMPv6 message into two categories, one is the error message and the other is the information message

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20. In the use of the CP protocol, the following description is correct?

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21. In a VXLAN network, traffic is connected to the VXLAN network, and it can also be used to communicate with the same subnet within the same XLAN network

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22. SSH uses asymmetric encryption algorithms AES and DES to achieve security for data transmission, and uses HMAC to ensure the complete integrity of integer data

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23. In different scenarios, RSTP provides different protection functions, and the wrong statement about this statement is

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24. ISIS elects DIS in broadcast multiplexed access networks, and the following statement about DIS is correct? (Multiple choice)

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25. The DHCP protocol assigns to clients—some TCPIP-related parameter information—in the process DHCP defines a variety of messages that are encapsulated at the transport layer :(sortic).

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