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2019 New H35-561-ENU HCNP – LTE RNP & RNO Questions

New H35-561-ENU HCNP – LTE RNP & RNO questions have been updated on 3/25/2019, which contains 575 practice questions and answers to help you prepare for Huawei H35-561-ENU exam well. New H35-561-ENU exam questions also have free demo questions online for checking.

We share 20 practice questions to help you check the high-quality H35-561-ENU HCNP – LTE RNP & RNO questions. Each demo question has the corresponding score, so you can test our new H35-561-ENU online test free. After test all the 20 demo questions of H35-561-ENU exam, you can make a decision to get full version of 2019 New H35-561-ENU HCNP – LTE RNP & RNO Questions. More details, you can contact us via mail: [email protected]

Begin to Test:

1. Which of the following services has a bit error rate of 10 in the EPS system?

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2. For structure type 2, the PSS will be mapped to the 7th OFDM symbol of subframe 1 and subframe 6.

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3. Regarding UL Comp technology, which of the following descriptions is wrong?

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4. What information can be regained after a successful service request?

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5. Regarding the TAC/TAU process, which of the following descriptions are wrong?

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6. In the LTE system, the GAP pilot frequency measurement mode measures a length of 6ms.

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7. Considering the disturbance control, urban's three sectora stand horizontal beam width is generally not more than 45°.

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8. Which of the following parameters is modified to affect the capacity of the cell PRACH channel?

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9. The virtual resource block (VRB) is used to describe the LTE downlink transmission resource allocation mode, and the centralized resource mapping mode and the separate centralized response mode supported by the virtual resource block (VRB).

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10. About the establishment reason for the carry of the LTE terminal accessesing the network, which of the following is wrong?

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11. When the X2 handover cannot be performed between the eNodeBs, the S1 handover is performed.

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12. Which of the following are the key indicators of interest in LTE network planning? (Multiple Choice)

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13. In which message is the voice capability of the VoLTE terminal reported to the MME?

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14. Which of the following options can be solved with ICIC technology?

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15. Which of the following are the functions of the X1AP protocol? (Multiple Choice)

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16. The following are the descriptions of the concepts related to carrier aggregation, which are correct? (Multiple Choice)

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17. Which of the following statements about different system switching is correct? (Multiple Choice)

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18. Which of the following types of mobile phones can support up to 2CC (two carrier aggregation)?

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19. Which of the following can be considered as better for testing the wireless environment in an LTE system?

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20. Regarding the description of the RRC establishment success rate, which of the following options is wrong?

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