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H12-224-ENU HCNP-R&S Fast Track

Based on new HCNP-R&S certification H12-224 exam objectives, we have updated new Huawei HCNP-R&S Certification H12-224-ENU exam questions on Sep.13, 2017. The current H12-224-ENU exam questions contains 360 real exam questions and answers, which ensure you pass Huawei H12-224-ENU HCNP-R&S Fast Track exam with 100% passing guarantee.

We will provide 20 questions for HCNP-R&S Fast Track H12-224 Certification exam. You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. All the Huawei  H12-224 questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 360 questions. And all your HCNP H12-224 real questions will be randomly chosen from our dumps. If you want to purchase the full version 360 questions please go to our Shop page or click “I want to buy full version”. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions. 100% pass guaranteed!

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Two Level-1 routers in different areas can establish a neighbor relationship.


Which of the following tasks need to be completed during the planning stage of a project? (Multiple Choice)


RSTP provides different functions in different scenarios.
Which of the following statements are false?


In the port mirroring, real and reliable data must be collected in real time.


Which of the following statements regarding the firewall zone security level is false?


Which information of labels is used for simple traffic classification?


In a route-policy, which of the following BGP attributes can be used in if-match clauses? (Multiple Choice)


Which of the following statements regarding Huawei eSight network management software is false?


On a carrier’s MPLS VPN network, PE1 and PE2 transmit data packets between VPNs. After PE1 receives VPN route from a client, it converts the route into a VPNv4 route and distributes label 1027 to the packet. After the packet arrives at PE2, PE2 distributes label 1025 to the packet.
When a client on PE2 accesses this route, what are the outer and inner labels in the packet transmitted over the carrier network?


At which layer does a packet filtering firewall check data packets?


What are differences between the DiffServ and IntServ models? (Multiple Choice)


VXLAN users can access the Internet through VXLAN interfaces.


Which of the following statements regarding the any-source multicast (ASM) and source-specific multicast (SSM) models are true? (Multiple Choice)


In the Agile Controller’s access control scenario, Which of the following statements regarding the roles of the RADIUS server and client is true?


What happens when the topology of a network running RSTP changes?


MPLS performs different actions on labels.
What is the meaning of the pop action?


In most cases, an IP address that is dynamically assigned by a DHCP server has a lease.
Which of the following statements regarding the IP address lease is false?


In the multicast network environment, how do an IGMPv1 host and an IGMPv2 muter on the same LAN interact with each other? (Multiple Choice)


Man-in-the middle attacks or IP/MAC Spoofing attacks are common on intra nets and will cause information leakage.
Which configuration method can prevent these attacks?


Which of the following commands can leak routes of Level-2 areas into Level-1 areas?


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