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26 Mar

Huawei H35-462-ENU Free Online Test – HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0 Exam

Achieving HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0 certification needs to pass Huawei H35-462-ENU exam. To help candidates prepare for the HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0 H35-462-ENU exam well, we have released new H35-462-ENU exam questions online as the good preparation materials.

Totally there are 419 practice exam questions in Hcdatest H35-462-ENU exam preparation. You will be encouraged to read all of them thoroughly, we ensure that you can pass the HCS-5G RF Advanced V1.0 certification exam in the first try. We also have H35-462-ENU free demo questions online, you can test Huawei H35-462-ENU free online test before getting H35-462-ENU exam questions. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. How many kinds of scenes broadcast beam configuration does AAU of 5G RAN2.1 64T64R support up to?

2. After the UE accesses the LTRE network, which message will the LTE cell send to U to measure the NR cell signal?

3. When NR is used to cover high-rise buildings, which of the following is recommended for NR broadcast beam scene configuration?

4. In the case of c-band 100Mhz bandwidth, 30khz under sub-carrier, in order to reach the peak rate, what does NR for UE downlink scheduling times need to reach?

5. In order to cope with large-scale connections, what is the recommended SCS subcarrier interval when 5G adapts to the mMTC IoT scenario?

6. What is the event that initiates the handover decision phase due to the poor signal of the serving cell when doing the download service in the SA network?

7. When estimating band uplink of C of 5G, how much is the UE transmit power generally?

8. In which direction is the path loss estimated when the UE calculates the uplink transmit power?

9. The SSB beam of an NR cell adopts the default mode, the antenna height is 35 meters, the mechanical downtilt angle is 3 degrees, and the digital downtilt configuration is 0 degree, then how many meters is the lower edge (near point) of the main coverage lobe of this cell from the base station?

10. Which of the following power values as a reference to provide power are the other downlink channels of the NR cell are based on?

11. What is the typical value of Noise Figure (NF) of 5G CPE receiver?

12. When using a Probe for NsA network test, found that LTE uplink MAC layer rate is 20Mbps, but PDCP layer rate is 0, which of the following understanding is correct?

13. In the c-band of 5G, when Numerology takes 1, how much is the corresponding subcarrier band interval?

14. Which of the following channels or signals usually use open-loop power control?

15. In the 5G propagation model defined by the 3GPP standard, what are the typical height definitions for the antennas of the pole and macro stations?

16. Which of the following beams will be generated by the 5G control channel using predefined weights?

17. If NR broadcast beam arranged horizontally 3dB to 65-degree beam, then for the AAU of the 64T64R, which of the following azimuth adjustment range does it support?

18. If 32T32R.100MHz bandwidth is used, in the MU-MIMO 8-stream scenario, what is the bandwidth required to use the eCPRI interface?

19. Which of the following descriptions about Scs of PRACH is wrong?

20. Which of the following configuration schemes for PDSCH DMRSI has the largest overhead?

21. How many PRBs does 1 RBG largest contained?

22. Which of the following messages is the initial TA (time advance) adjustment of the terminal obtained through?

23. According to the CQI reported by the UE, how long does the gNodeB convert to MCS?

24. In the low frequency scenario, how does the UE obtain the beam ID of the current SSB?

25. In 5G cell selection algorithm was introduced Qoffsettemp parameter, which message is the parameter issued to the UE through?


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