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11 Dec

Valid H35-912-ENU Huawei Certified Specialist Exam Questions

Planning for H35-912-ENU HCS-Data Center and Network Equipment Hardware Installation (Written) exam? Valid H35-912-ENU Huawei Certified Specialist Exam Questions have been released on December 11, 2018, which contain real H35-912-ENU exam questions with accurate answers to ensure your success in Huawei H35-912-ENU Exam.

Try H35-912-ENU free questions

Please try H35-912-ENU free questions to test the high quality of Valid H35-912-ENU Huawei Certified Specialist Exam Questions now. There are 20 free questions of the full H35-912-ENU exam questions. After you check all Huawei H35-912-ENU free questions, you will find you want to get the full version of Huawei Certified Specialist H35-912-ENU exam.

Begin to Test:

1. What are the correct statements about ONU? (Multiple Choice)

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2. The OceanStor 18000 V3 does not support the third-party cabinet delivery mode, it can only use Huawei cabinet for the whole cabinet delivery.

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3. Regarding the MA5800 uplink and downlink optical fiber, what are the correct statements? (Multiple Choice)

Question 3 of 20

4. About the use of the data, which of the following is incorrect?

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5. An open-hole ventilated floor is required on the front and rear floors of the cabinet in which the server is installed.

Question 5 of 20

6. What is the correct way to find a snake in the site?

Question 6 of 20

7. What are the prevention measures in the field? (Multiple Choice)

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8. When the pigtail cabinet is placed outside, it can be placed directly without protective measures.

Question 8 of 20

9. If you are sitting in the back seat of the car, there is no need to wear a seat belt.

Question 9 of 20

10. What is the range of copper wire recommended by Vectoring/SuperVector/G.fast in the FTTC scenario?

Question 10 of 20

11. What are the correct statements about the seat belts of the vehicle? (Multiple Choice)

Question 11 of 20

12. Site environmental risk assessment requires all personnel to be on the same day as the last station, or the next day.

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13. Which of the following are in the scope of the MA5800 box series hardware quality standards? (Multiple Choice)

Question 13 of 20

14. What is the correct statement about the deployment of the OceanStor 18000 V3 storage cable? (Multiple Choice)

Question 14 of 20

15. What is the wrong statement about the OceanStor 18000 series high-end storage requirements for the environment?

Question 15 of 20

16. Which of the following statements about the development of the access network is correct?

Question 16 of 20

17. Which of the requirements must be observed by construction workers belonging to special types of work (eg, aerial work, electricians, welders, etc.)?

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18. The EPW3000-12A is an E9000 AC power module that supports 100V AC ~ 240V AC input. The E9000 does not support DC power input.

Question 18 of 20

19. What items must be included in the PPE for aloft work? (Multiple Choice)

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20. Which indicator status indicates that the server is in the Standby state during server power-on?

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