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06 Apr

Real H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations

Recommend you HCDATEST H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations to prepare for H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Access Network) exam. It must be clear that H35-211-ENU test questions from HCDATEST should be the best test preparation for Huawei HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU exam. With real H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations, you can pass Huawei H35-211-ENU exam smoothly.

HCNP-Access Network certification validates the knowledge and skills required to construct and manage access networks. If want to get HCNP-Access Network Certification, you need to pass Huawei H35-211-ENU exam. Real H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations contain 248 real exam questions and answers, what are enough to prepare for Huawei H35-211-ENU Exam.

At HCDATEST, you can test Huawei HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU  free online test to feel Real H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations:

1. When the ADSL/ADSL2+ line conditions are better, what parameters can be adjusted to increase the transmission rate?

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2. The essence of the GPON system carrying TDM signals is to encapsulate the TDM into GEM frames on the ONU, decapsulate the GEM frames into TDM signals on the OLT, and then transmit them to devices capable of TDM signals on the uplink.

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3. Traffic suppression on the uplink port of MA5680T suppresses multicast only for unknown multicast traffic.

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4. When locating ADSL/ADSL2+ faults, which of the following may cause users to make calls but not access the Internet?

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5. After the VoIP user picks up the phone, he can hear the normal dial tone, but after dialing, the dial tone is not stopped. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple Choice)

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6. All H.248 commands require the receiver to send back a response.
Which of the following is used to indicate the response message?

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7. ADSL PPPoE/PPPoA users of the MA5600 implement authentication and access the Internet on the upper BRAS. After the opening, there is often a service interruption, but once the interruption is over, it is possible to redial the Internet again. This problem may be caused by incorrect configuration of the interleaving delay of the port parameters.

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8. MA5600T/MA5680T supports Ethernet, E1, and POTS services on the PON side and does not support ATM services.

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9. How many kinds of acceptance test project are classified by MA5600T Acceptance Test Manual? (Multiple Choice)

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10. The alarm level of the MA5600T can be divided into five levels: critical, major, minor, warning, and cleared.

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11. According to the IEEE 802.1Q standard, where is the VLAN identification field in the Ethernet frame?

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12. By default, which type of the following should be the queue scheduling mode on the MA5600T/MA5680T?

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13. The MSAN is connected to the lanswitch GE or FE, the working mode of the two ports, one can be self-negotiation mode and the other is mandatory mode.

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14. If the MA5680T does not start properly (non-hardware problems, the system keeps restarting), usually we can use the BIOS upgrade method to end.
What kind of uploading method does the MA5680T load the package file when using the BIOS upgrade? (Multiple Choice)

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15. In the template mode of the MA5680T, where should the integration of tcont and gemport be configured?

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16. The minimum transmit rate in the ADSL/ADSL2+ parameter indicates the minimum transmit rate that must be reached in the direction after the line is activated. If the maximum is set too large, the modem cannot be activated normally.

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17. After installing the sybase patch, which of the following commands can display the version information of the installed sybase patch?

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18. What is the command to support local loopback on the MA5600 ADSL port?

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19. In GPON Networking, which of the following does not belong to MDU series products?

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20. When configuring multicast services, the VLAN carrying the multicast service must be the same as the unicast VLAN ID.

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All above questions are the parts of Real H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Test Preparations, if you want to get full version of H35-211-ENU Test Preparations, just come to HCNDATEST now. Any questions, please contact [email protected].


06 Apr

[Real and New] Huawei H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Free Online Test

Please prepare for HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network(Huawei Certified Network Professional-Access Network) exam with real Huawei H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network exam questions. We ensure you pass HCNP-Access Network Certification H35-211-ENU exam smoothly. Here we recommend you test Huawei HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU Free Online Test first.

We will provide 20 questions for Huawei HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU Certification exam. You can get 5 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. They are just part of the full version 248 questions. And all your HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU real questions will be randomly chosen from HCNDATEST HCNP-Access Network H35-211-ENU dumps.

Start to test:

Please go to [Real and New] Huawei H35-211-ENU HCNP-Access Network Free Online Test to view this quiz


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