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15 Aug

Huawei H31-341_V2.5-ENU Exam Questions for Better HCIP-Transmission V2.5 Exam Preparation

Huawei HCIP-Transmission V2.5 is the new version currently, to meet all the candidates’ requirements, we have completed the Huawei H31-341_V3.5-ENU exam questions with accurate answers for better HCIP-Transmission V2.5 exam preparation. 

Huawei H31-341_V2.5-ENU exam questions of HCDAtest are available for candidates containing 1061 questions and answers. You can download the H31-341_V2.5-ENU exam questions to make preparation. We have free Huawei H31-341_V2.5-ENU demo questions online for checking. If have any questions, please contact us via mail: [email protected].

Begin to Test:

1. Regarding the description of OSS, which is wrong?

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2. In NG-SDH equipment, which of the following conditions will not cause TPS switching to occur?

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3. Regarding the reporting of the OTUk_BDI alarm, which of the following statements is wrong?

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4. Which of the following descriptions about the client-side 1+1 protection features is wrong?

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5. The gain of the OAU single board is 23db, and 1% of the total output power of the OAU single board is used for MON detection. Now the output optical power of the MON port is tested to be - 8dbm, and the input optical power of the IN port of the OAU single board is?

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6. The clock ID can solve the possible timing loop problem. In the following networking, in order to completely solve the clock loop, how many clock IDs need to be set in total?

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7. When configuring the dual-stage amplifier board of RAU+OAU, which position in the figure below is the best recommended position for the DCM module?

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8. OptiX OSN 1800 is a compact multi-service optical transmission platform. Which of the following descriptions is wrong?

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9. In the process of equipment installation, which of the following statements are wrong?

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10. Regarding the TTX board, which of the following statements is correct?

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11. For NG-SDH equipment equipped with dual main control boards, when the main control board is upgraded, which of the following statements is correct?

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12. After which of the following steps, the rollback operation cannot be performed?

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13. In the path search process of the U2000 network management, the path search management module first scans the cross-connections of each network element, constructs sub-paths according to the cross-connections of adjacent network elements, and tries to merge these sub-paths at the same time. Which of the following sub-paths is legal?

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14. Which of the following statements about the main and backup channels of optical line protection is wrong?

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15. During the U2000 dual-system installation and commissioning, the operations that can be performed by the ossuser user are?

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16. Which reason for the OA_LOW_GAIN alarm is wrong?

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17. Reasons which is impossible for OTN equipment and network elements to be disconnected frequently?

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18. Which of the following protections in microwave equipment does not require dual slots?

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19. Which of the following is the performance related to SM segment error?

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20. Which of the following description of the 100G mixed transmission system is wrong?

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21. In the network management planning process, which item is not absolutely necessary?

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22. When congestion occurs, queuing strategies can be varied. If you need to get services for the first arriving packets, you can use the () queuing strategy; if you want to ensure that the most urgent and critical business is served first, you can use the () queuing strategy: if you need to balance the delay and delay jitter of each flow, you can choose () queuing strategy; if you want to provide professional bandwidth for specific services, you can choose () queuing strategy.

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23. When using the dual slot line group MSP ring, which of the following situations is the multiplex section overhead K bytes in the pass-through state?

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24. Which of the following statements about the delay test is wrong?

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25. Which of the following commissioning ranges should the optical power of each single wave before combining (that is, the input optical power of the combining board) be within?

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26. Which of the following descriptions about optical line protection is wrong?

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27. Which of the following services has the smallest frame period?

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28. In a chain network, NE1, NE2, and NE3 are all OADM sites, and NE1 is a gateway network element, and uses OSC communication. When the optical monitoring board at the intermediate site NE2 fails, which of the following phenomena will not occur?

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29. When PWE3 emulates TDM services, when the UNI side interface uses CRC4-multiframe access, which emulation method does PWE3 use?

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30. Which of the following descriptions about electrical layer scheduling is wrong?

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31. If only all network elements in a certain subnet are out of management on the network management system, and network elements belonging to other subnets communicate normally, which of the following reasons is impossible?

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32. In the troubleshooting scenario, which of the following descriptions about the alarms reported when the optical monitoring board receives abnormal light is correct?

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33. In the deployment or expansion scenario, alarm reversal can reverse the alarm state and reduce a large number of unnecessary alarm reports. Which of the following descriptions about alarm reversal is correct?

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