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17 Jun

Real H19-461_V1.0 Exam Questions – Prepare for the HCSP-Presales-Transmission V1.0 Exam Well

If you have registered for the HCSP-Presales-Transmission V1.0 certification exam in English, you must take the H19-461_V1.0 exam and achieve success. We have completed the Huawei H19-461_V1.0 practice exam with real exam questions and answers to help you achieve your goal today.

The real Huawei H19-461_V1.0 exam questions of HCDAtest are based on the actual exam contents and outlines. We have the real H19-461_V1.0 exam questions with precise answers to ensure that you can achieve success on the first attempt. We are here sharing the H19-461_V1.0 free online test, as a demo of the real H19-461_V1.0 exam questions, to help you check the quality.

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1. What is Huawei's preferred access layer device in the SDH scenario of transportation?

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2. Which of the following ports will be used as a model for the F5G remote control solution for smart ports to break through the top 10 ports in China in 2022?

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3. What standard is the subway evolving from enhanced MSTP to?

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4. What are the main features of the Smart 300G solution, one network and two planes?

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5. What is the maximum interface bandwidth on the client side of the A810 device?

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6. Huawei provides a miniaturized box-type financial data center with a minimum height of () and can be flexibly deployed.

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7. What is the new weapon for the high-speed road section to compete with the SPN system?

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8. Which of the following scenarios is suitable for the 1+1 protection method within the board?

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9. How many ODUO slices can one ODU4 particle have?

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10. How to align the delay of 2M multipath lossless protection?

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11. What is the maximum transmission distance of Huawei Power's 100G gray optical module for miniaturized OTN?

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12. Which of the following statements about lossless bandwidth adjustment is incorrect?

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13. What is the value of the all-optical cross-connect technology?

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14. What is the height of the optical transmission equipment E6616?

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15. Among the businesses of radio and television networks, which one is correct in understanding the business of "attracting customers"?

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16. Which type of equipment is recommended to be deployed at the core site of the urban optical network backbone?

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17. What is the maximum wavelength supported by the optical transmission device E9624?

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18. Which of the following options is Huawei's financial transmission management unit?

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19. Which transmission equipment is recommended for the communication network in the sub-center during the construction of the expressway section?

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20. Taking the 100KM delay as an example, the location with the largest delay distribution is (  ).

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21. Which of the following industries is the S O CC solution mainly used in?

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22. OSU bandwidth adjustment only supports the same path mode, which of the following is not the change path mode?

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23. Optoelectronic flexible slicing OSU encapsulation to OTU reduces () layers compared to VC12 to OTU

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24. How can railway transmission GSM-R be smoothly evolved to 5G-R?

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25. What are the encapsulation levels of OSU-OTN?

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26. Which is the optical transmission network management system?

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27. Which technology is used in optical transmission to increase single-fiber capacity?

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28. What is the minimum granularity scheduling supported by OSU-OTN?

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29. Huawei's fiber management system can diagnose fiber anomalies up to () level.

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30. In the railway F5G solution, which of the following devices is the best model to replace the hub site OSN3500?

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31. What is the arbitrary rate convergence conversion board of Huawei's E6600 series box equipment?

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32. What is the actual service rate of FC3200?

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33. What is the all-optical solution promoted by Quanguang Industry?

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