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27 Nov

Real HCPA-UPS H19-311-ENU Practice Questions

Planning for H19-311-ENU HCPA-UPS-ENU (Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate-UPS-ENU) exam with real H19-311-ENU practice questions is a great way to complete HCPA-UPS H19-311-ENU exam. Real HCPA-UPS H19-311-ENU Practice Questions have been updated on Nov.16, which ensure your success in HCPA-UPS exam. 

HCDAtest not only offers Real HCPA-UPS H19-311-ENU Practice Questions to help you pass H19-311-ENU exam, but also have H19-311-ENU free demo questions to let you check the high quality of HCPA-UPS H19-311-ENU practice questions.

Begin to Test:

1. The input power factor (full load) of the UPS5000A is (), which can efficiently reduce the pollution to the power grid and save the preceding power distribution investment.

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2. Which of the following are the monitoring methods used by the UPS2000-A series (6 kVA to 10 kVA) with an SNMP card? (Multiple Choice)

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3. Which of the following types does the UPS5000-A belong to?

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4. The output capacity of a single UPS is calculated on actual power when the actual load power is used for UPS configuration.

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5. If the system is configured with 15-minute battery backup duration, the discharge cutoff voltage of a single battery is ().

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6. The bypass module in the UPS5000-E-200K is the same as that in the UPS5000-E-400K.

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7. Which of the following communication methods does the UPS2000-G series (6 kVA to 20 kVA) support? (Multiple Choice)

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8. The model of the UPS2000-G-6KRTL is ().

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9. Which of the following products is similar to the modular UPSs of the UPS5000-E series in product features?

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10. For 80 kW IT loads, configuring an 80 kVA UPS can meet the basic requirements.

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11. The UPS5000-E can realize convenient and simple N+X power supply system only by configuring a ().

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12. When using a UPS5000-E (50 kVA power module) with the actual load of 160 kW, 1+1 rack redundancy, and single UPS backup solution, each rack uses three battery strings, each battery string consists of 40 batteries, and the main switch box capacity is ().

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13. The UPS2000-G is designed with high power density, with 2 U height for the 6 kVA and 10 kVA capacity models and 3 U height for the 15 kVA and 20 kVA capacity models.

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14. If the UPS5000-E (50 kVA power module) backs up power without derating, it is unreasonable to configure () 12 V batteries.

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15. Which of the following is not a configuration option of the 20-kVA UPS2000-G? ()

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16. Batteries of different discharge currents have different requirements for the cutoff voltage. Typically, the () the discharge current is, the () the cutoff voltage is.

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17. The UPS5000-A can obviously reduce harmonic pollution to the power grid. The input current wave form distortion THDi is () at full linear loads.

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18. The UPS2000-G series (6 kVA to 20 kVA) supports up to () UPSs in parallel, providing excellent scalability.

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19. The battery voltage of the UPS2000-G is 240 V for the 6-10 kVA capacity models, and is 480 V for the 15 kVA and 20 kVA capacity models.

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20. Which of the following statements are correct about the UPS5000-A smart battery management? (Multiple Choice)

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21. Which of the following basic project information doesn’t need to be entered manually before configuration quotation? ()

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22. The UPS2000-G series (6 kVA to 20 kVA) features an industry-leading lightning protection design, with a lightning protection level of () and a surge protection level of (), which avoids 90% of failures caused by lightning strikes and offers reliable protection for the AC input ports on back-end devices.

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23. The UPS5000-A parallel signal cable does not adopt ring connection, which reduces system reliability because of the possibility of single-point failures.

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24. The Fusion Module500 and Fusion Module800 must have unified network management software configured for remote WebUI monitoring.

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25. Which of the following communication functions does the UPS5000-E support? (Multiple Choice)

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17 Jul

New release H19-311 HCS-Pre-Sales-UPS-ENU exam

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