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13 Nov

H19-306-ENU Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist – Telepresence & VC

Please prepare for HCPA-TP&VC H19-306-ENU HCPA-Telepresence and Videoconferencing-ENU exam with real Huawei H19-306 HCPA-TP&VC exam questions. We ensure you pass HCPA-TP&VC Certification H19-306 exam smoothly. Here we recommend you test Huawei HCPA-TP&VC H19-306-ENU Free Online Test first.

We will provide 20 questions for Huawei HCPA-TP&VC H19-306-ENU online test. You can get 10 points after answer one question correctly. All the questions we provide are the latest exam subjects. If you have taken the exam you will know it. Just leave your message here or contact us via email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Start to test:

1. VPC620 support 3G-SDI interface, how many meters the best transmission distance is so that signal and image quality does not decay?

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2. Huawei Telepresence product is currently in the sale of products containing the three-screen TP3206, TP3218 and RP series.

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3. The following for Huawei three screens Telepresence statement, which is correct? (Multiple choice)

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4. New generation VP96 series configuration has extra charge VOIP voice port, the port number is the same as configured 1080p30 port number.

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5. TP3206 panoramic Telepresence has 65-inch plasma screen, 5.5mm narrow slit panoramic display features.

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6. TE30 built-in microphone can work with external VPM220 microphones at the same time;

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7. Cooperate with Huawei TE30 terminals and VP9660, maximum under how many percentage packet loss rate can ensure the normal order of the video conference.

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8. The following which model doesn't have built-in GK?

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9. What are the differentiation points between VPC620 and VPC600?

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10. The following for panoramic Telepresence TP3206 statement, which is correct? (Multiple choice)

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11. Which of the following characteristics that RP newly support? (Multiple choice)

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12. Polycom's RMX 4000/RMX 2000/RMX 1800 all support 1080p60 transceiver symmetry.

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13. TP3260 touch screen on a Telepresence meeting, when enabling (which) function, when any hall start to speak during the meeting, the other venue will automatically switch to watch the speech venue;

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14. TE series under only the VGA video input and output scenarios, need to long press the "little house" button on the remote control, bring up the main interface of TE series.

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15. The characteristics of RP Telepresence is integrated design, removable, can quickly convert ordinary conference room to Telepresence meeting room.

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16. Panoramic Telepresence TP3206 desktop button can complete the following ( ) ontology (multiple choice)

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17. TE30 Built a 6m pickup radius omnidirectional microphone:

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18. Huawei TE Series support 1080P60 Live secondary stream sent, and the industry other manufacturers terminals support only 1080P60 Presentation secondary stream sent.

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19. VP96 series flexible port capacity feature means MCU can automatically assign codec resources according to the meeting's capacity Dynamic instead of manual configuration.

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20. Which of the following belong to the main features of VP96xx series MCU? (Multiple choice)

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Based on new Huawei HCPA-TP&VC certification H19-306 exam objectives, we have updated new Huawei HCPA-TP&VC Certification H19-306-ENU exam questions on Dec.13, 2017. Please check new H19-306-ENU Huawei HCPA-TP&VC free online test from the following link: http://www.hcdatest.com/h19-306-demo-questions-h19-306-enu-hcpa-telepresence-and-videoconferencing-enu/

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