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20 Aug

New Huawei HCIP Cloud Computing V4.0 H13-527-ENU Exam Questions Updated

Do not miss the updated H13-527-ENU exam questions to complete Huawei HCIP Cloud Computing V4.0 certification today. We have updated new Huawei H13-527-ENU exam questions on August 20, 2020, which ensure your success in the first try in actual HCIP Cloud Computing certification. 

New H13-527-ENU exam questions updated with 389 practice exam questions and accurate answers. You are highly recommended to read H13-527-ENU new practice questions and answers carefully for 100% passing. We have shared 25 free demo questions online, you can check them before getting H13-527-ENU new exam questions full version. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

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1. Which steps are correct for adding FC-SAN storage resources to FusionCompute?

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2. For the FusionAccess administrator fault location method, which of the following statements is incorrect?

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3. Which of the following description about the daily operation and maintenance specifications of Huawei Desktop Cloud is incorrect?

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4. SR-IOV mode network card data transmission, each VR has an independent queue pool.

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5. After installing the vLB component, you need to configure vLB. What is the configuration?

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6. Which of the following is not a step to configure a Huawei Desktop Cloud Linux infrastructure virtual machine?

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7. FusionCompute supports distributed virtual switching and can provide independent network planes for virtual machines. Like physical switches, different network planes are isolated by VLANs.

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8. Which component in the FusionSphere virtualization suite can complete the backup of the virtual machine?

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9. Which of the following descriptions about storage hot migration is incorrect?

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10. In FusionCompute, virtual machine disks using virtualized data storage are used. Each time a snapshot is created, a new image file is generated on the data storage.

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11. The goal of I/O virtualization is not only to allow virtual machines to access the I/O resources they need, but also to do a good job of isolation between them, and more importantly, to reduce the overhead caused by virtualization.

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12. The load balancer can automatically perform a health check on the WI to ensure that all user requests can be allocated to the available WI.

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13. In the HUAWEI cloud computing environment, which is the correct description of the software load balancer?

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14. Which of the following are not dynamic disks?

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15. Which is the correct description of the virtual switch mode in the following statement of Huawei network virtualization? (Multiple Choice)

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16. Regarding the TC terminal access security authentication process in FusinAccess, which of the following descriptions is incorrect?

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17. Which of the following features are required to support by virtualized storage? (Multiple Choice)

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18. A VM on FusionCompute fails to migrate, which of the following options will not cause the failure?

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19. One network card of a virtual machine in FusionCompute can only be added to one security group.

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20. In the FusionSphere architecture, which of the following options are optional components? (Multiple Choice)

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21. What value can virtual machine migration technology bring to customers? (Multiple Choice)

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22. IMC cannot ensure that the hosts in the cluster provide virtual machines with the same CPU function set. If the actual CPUs of these hosts are different, the migration of virtual machines will fail due to CPU incompatibility.

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23. What types of storage resources does Huawei FusionCompute support? (Multiple Choice)

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24. The goal of CPU virtualization is to enable the instructions on the virtual machine to be executed normally, but it does not require the efficiency to be close to that of the physical machine.

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25. FusionCompute is a cloud operating system software, which is mainly responsible for the virtualization of hardware resources and the centralized management of virtual resources, business resources, and user resources.

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03 Aug

New HCIP-Cloud Computing H13-527-ENU Exam Questions Online

We introduce you to take and pass H13-527-ENU exam to complete the Huawei HCIP-Cloud Computing V4.0 certification. HCIP-Cloud Computing V3.0 certification exams(H13-522-ENU, H13-523-ENU,H13-524-ENU) were officially offline on May 27, 2020. New HCIP-Cloud Computing H13-527-ENU exam questions online ensure that you can pass Huawei H13-527-ENU exam smoothly.

New H13-527-ENU exam questions were released on July 31, 2020, which contain 180 practice exam questions and answers. We here share 25 free demo questions online for checking first. After read H13-527-ENU free questions, you will find that New HCIP-Cloud Computing H13-527-ENU exam questions online are great for preparation. Any other questions, you can contact us freely: [email protected].

Begin To Test:

Please go to New HCIP-Cloud Computing H13-527-ENU Exam Questions Online to view this quiz

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